Chris Coles, Partner, ACTIS

Chris Coles says; “Actis is a firm with a unique history in private equity investing, which is reflected in our values, the way we conduct our business and the people who work here. I cannot think of a more stimulating or rewarding environment in which to work and I feel very privileged to be a part of such an organisation.”

By his mid-40s, after working almost 25 years primarily in the investment banking industry, Chris had decided it was time to look for a new challenge. While working in leveraged finance he was introduced to the world of international private equity. Combined with a personal interest in growth markets and development finance, it was an easy decision to join Actis.

As part of the Actis senior management team, Chris became Chief Operating Officer in 2012, responsible for managing the Firm’s support functions. In addition, Chris sits on Actis’ three Investment Committees and the Executive Committee.

Chris Coles studied Politics and Economics as an undergraduate at Oxford, and then did a Masters’ degree in International Development in 2007. He is a passionate believer in private sector led economic development in growth markets. Actis is the perfect platform to witness its impact and benefits first hand, as well as providing the opportunity to make a personal contribution. More specifically in 1990, Chris visited Zambia. It was his first visit to Africa and after that he says he knew that one day he wanted to ‘return’ in a more meaningful way.

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