Onyeka Akumah, CEO, FarmCrowdy

Onyeka Akumah, the CEO of FarmCrowdy says; “In September 2015, a friend of mine who is a Cassava farmer asked me if I could invest in his farm in other to sustain the production and sales of Cassava on his 10 acres farm in Oyo-North around the South Western part of Nigeria. I didn’t have all the money he needed and couldn’t make the contribution in time to sustain my friend’s project for another cycle. His farm collapsed and I felt terrible about this.

A few weeks later, I started looking for ways to get as many friends who were interested in investing in Agriculture but didn’t have the time to go the farm themselves to monitor the farmers, their farm progress and making some profit from the farm produce. I volunteerd to be the vehicle who will identify small-scale farmers we could TRUST to expand their farm operations.

This led me to using technology to satisfy the need for sourcing funds for farm projects, providing farmland, giving farm updates to the partners and eventually investing in small scale farmers around Nigeria. So, we launched the website called Farmcrowdy.com on the 14th of September, 2016 and today, we are touching the lives of thousands of small scale farmers in Jos, Shekpeteri, Iseyin, Ibadan and more cities around the LAKAJI corridor across Nigeria.

Farmcrowdy is my contribution to the Agriculture sector using technology and marketing to boost food security, empower small scale farmers and to encourage youths to participate in farming. Let’s impact on millions of lives together, Keep farming with us!

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