Nigeria’s Forex Trading Company Launches FMDQ Academy

FMDQ Academy

FMDQ OTC Exchange, Nigeria’s Forex trading platform has launched FMDQ Academy.

According to the organisation, the FMDQ Academy is aimed at delivering financial markets education to FMDQ stakeholders in line with FMDQ’s market and product development agenda in the fixed income, currencies and derivatives markets, with the aim of deepening and upgrading the Nigerian financial markets towards global competitiveness.

The Academy is targeted at addressing the observed knowledge and skills gaps in the Nigerian financial markets and ensuring that capacities are aligned with the structural transformations and product innovations that are rapidly being introduced to the markets. In this light, the FMDQ Academy has been positioned to offer e-learning, face-to-face and tailored learning programs to meet the knowledge needs of FMDQ stakeholders across the FMDQ markets.

Learners an opportunity to choose what to learn, when to learn, as well as the preferred mode of learning, to achieve the desired learning outcomes.

The organisation said the FMDQ Academy is positioned to provide individuals and institutions with impactful learning and skills acquisition opportunities through a unique blend of best-in-class curricula, methodologies, experienced faculty and other tailor-made learning opportunities, to create a rewarding knowledge experience.

Learning Management System, offering free course modules in fixed income, foreign exchange and derivatives. Prospective learners are encouraged to visit the website create a user profile, register for a course and launch an amazing financial markets learning experience. The e-learning courses will continue to be optimised over time in line with FMDQ’s product and market development agenda.

The FMDQ Academy is first of its kind in Nigeria. The fact that it is free is a big plus for many Nigerians, especially retail investors who do not have a clue of how the Forex market works, know more about bonds, commercial papers and other financial securities they can use to hedge losses, alternative capital raising and other business and personal needs.

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