Reckless Move? MMM United Starts Another Promotions

MMM United is definitely not telling the whole truth about is health. The Ponzi Scheme has just announced another promotions.

This is coming less than a month after MMM United carried out a promotion promising 10% Extra Loyalty Bonus which ended on November 5 2016, the digital Ponzi Scheme mimicking MMM Nigeria has started another promotions.

In a news alerts to its members that it is running another promotion called the 20% three months Anniversary promotions. See message below:

Dear Participants,
We have come to 3 months now, and what a great time it has been, we hope to spend forever more with YOU, the most loyal, committed and dedicated members we have ever seen. Happy 3 Month Anniversary!! 🙂
Past 90 days have been the most precious experience of our lives, full of challenges and obstacles. But this is due to strenuous efforts made by each and every one of you that we are standing rock steady today. THANK YOU!
So let’s celebrate this moment with all our heart. There is tradition in MMM United to celebrate each and every moment with our beloved members. And Celebration would be pointless if our members are not enjoying every bit of it!
We are very glad to declare 20% Anniversary Bonus for the period of 15 days. Provide Help made during Nov 11 2016 to Nov 25 2016 will get (Regular) 100% per month plus 20% EXTRA anniversary bonus as an anniversary gift from MMM United. Bonus will have lock in period of 7 days and can be withdrawn on 8th day.
Once again Happy 3 Month Anniversary!! United we stand, divided we fall… 🙂

A Ponzi Scheme analyst told PageOne Startup team that MMM United might not be telling the whole truth about  the status of its system.

He warned that there are serious pressure on the system and incessant promotions are geared to getting new members who will want to benefit from the promotions.

MMM United is a copycat of MMM Nigeria (MMM Global). The scheme has not been upfront on who owns and runs the show. It only alluded to the fact the the scheme was created by former members of MMM Global.

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