Invaded By Fraudsters, Givers Forum Prepares For Collapse

melissa Green

Before the all waited and inevitable crash of MMM Nigeria, the digital Ponzi Scheme, Givers Forum, an MMM copycat Ponzi Scheme might bite the dust anytime soon.

Givers Forum is nothing but a copy and paste version of MMM. As a matter of fact, a PageOne Ponzi Scheme analyst said founders of Givers Forum are disgruntled MMM members who started the scheme in Nigeria.

The similarities it shares with MMM might not be its downfall but its amorphous and scattered structure that makes it susceptible to fraudsters and dubious characters.

In the past two weeks, PageOne’s editorial team have shared series of complain emails received from disenchanted members of the scheme who have either been blocked out of getting their money from the ‘donating’ party or were conned by the other party who is ‘providing help’.

Jonah Chukwu James (not real names) cried for help in a complaint complaint email to PageOne Editorial thus:

“Dear sir, my name is Jonah Chukwu I get help of 335000,,, the three people 205000 have paid me and I confirmed them… But Priscilla Ogbeh (not real names),, 08125657xxx mobile number did not pay me 130,000 and instead when it about 3hrs remaining she uploaded something I don’t know what it is. And she was confirm… I didn’t confirm her beside the 3people I mention earlier please intervent (sic) for me I don’t want to lose my money.. I love givers forum thank you.. Together we can change the world….”

His problems has been compounded by Givers Forum’s lack of proper feedback mechanism. A Ponzi Scheme analyst said because of the jumbo interests Ponzi Schemes such as Givers Forum promise, members and prospects do not ask serious questions before they part with their money.

It is bad enough that Ponzi Schemes Like any get rich quick schemes, Givers Forum, MMM Nigeria and other similar schemes will eventually crumble. However, the fact that they have been invaded by fraudsters and dubious characters will further quicken their collapse.

As for Givers Forum, analysts predict it early collapse as a result its lack of structure and ‘customer support’.

46 thoughts on “Invaded By Fraudsters, Givers Forum Prepares For Collapse

  1. my account was suspended after I provided help november 17, and i was confirmed immediately ,but was so surprised and disappointed that My account was suspended. I have all my evidence OF payment ,please I need urgent solution

  2. Pple like u can do anything to block the poor masses from being independent and happy. Or will I say u are from another networking platform to put fear in us so we can join urs. It’s my risk so find the person

  3. I can’t log in to givers forum since yesterday, what is happening? Ebere please I so much preached about Givers forum but am getting frustrated now, I’ve much amount in my account!

    1. you can log in now. when you try to open it you will see security issue, click on details and click again on enter the site and you will be there. this is all because of fraudsters

  4. My givers forum account was also suspended after making payment of #20000 to the recipient 16th November. Even the website is no longer opening for me to write to the support. People much be careful now ooo. I think something has started going wrong.

  5. I just logged out of givers forum now,de upgraded d site nd its now nd whoever wrote dis should applaud himself,MMM sumone was supposed to pay me 66k and just an hr to expiration d person uploaded fake teller,its been 2weeks now nd MMM hasn’t resolved it,don’t wake up nd castigate anytin,face wah u feel comfortable with,its not ur loss,its d persons own,its not ur risk to take,I know how much I hv gtn from givers,so please nd please if u don’t have anytin good to say den don’t say anytin at all.Happy new week everyone.

  6. I think this givers forum is not reliable as MMM am a participant of both but am begin to loose trust in GF, last week I logging to check my acct status only to discover that my the 90k help I pledge has bin deleted then I provided another help of 100k on d second when I logged in the previous 90k has appeared again but the new 100k was no where to be found, now since yesterday I can’t even logging again..

  7. I can’t believe that givers forum is crashing…I paid in 20k too, all the participants confirmed me…I wanted to get help but couldn’t (‘no transactions to cash out yet’)..I can’t believe i’m a victim…everybody be careful how u give away ur money…I dnt think d forum is coming back any soon…

    1. if my dear, just be careful about it. I did it for DE first time and haven’t been able to cash out my money frankly speaking

  8. thank God I have not bn matched to provided help on givers forum. since I joined, the problems have been, either I can’t log in or my provide help request disappears. and again, they added wrong figure to my account. people, please be careful. mmm remains d best!

  9. Same has happened to me o, I can’t login to givers forum site again after giving help of #20000 to some people. Pls I’m getting scared because I used a friend money to do it just because I’m very broke. If I don’t get it back, I’m going to owe someone without having anything from it. Pls help me givers forum

  10. My givers forum account was also suspended after making payment of #20000 to the recipient 16th November. Even the website is no longer opening for me to write to the support. Please need urgent attention. I think something has started going wrong.

  11. Na long throat dey worry una. dem leave MMM wey be 30% run follow takers forum cause na 40%. This one na devil work na. him go give u cap take ur head. Funny enuf participants of givers forum are ex MMM participants that are craving for more. God don catch una.

  12. Page one is right about givers forum. However after the subsequently serious maintenance as claimed by givers forum I tried to login to the account I created but not funded and it went through this morning. use it will open. But if u have provided help(make payment to a participant) but were unable to upload ur pop before or during the serious maintenance yesterday then your money is gone.
    I think I still need to do with mmmNigeria as it has the ground, I just made a withdrawal of 502k on mmmNigeria and it was instant within 3secs.
    Mmmnigeria can also crash but I guess it has the ground and proper structure as compared to mimickers of mmm who are just here to attract people with 40, 50, 60 and 100% and with generation bonus.
    Yesterday serious maintenance issue is making it the third time ma friend would be loosing money to givers forum. I have only lost once to fake pop on mmmNigeria, and it was by mistake cos I wanted to confirm someone above him. Thank God I was able to bear the loss. Above all mmmNigeria still rock for now

    1. Pls help a sis out, I made a payment yesterday and its been confirmed, wats is it next tin to do n do I go abt it. Tnx again

  13. Na wao… I was just introduced by someone about GF few weeks back.. I was doughting if it’s real he keeps convincing me to give it a trial so that I will be on his downlink mehn just that was on 18th November I just try to open account in givers forum to try with just 5,000 just to know how it work my registration was successful and providing help also.. now I want to check if where merged I can’t even login neither the site is functioning… hell no for givers forum.. I still insist that MMM is de best atleast dey have tried for 365 days in Nigeria that’s a year and it’s functioning graciously… thanks to MMM where I provides Millions and received millions without stories… givers forum participants shine ur eyes… greed kills 40% fake and 30% reality make a choice… thanks to MMM that is tested and trusted with 30%

  14. go through this way.go to opera mini,type click till it displays.I just logged and my friends on my phone

  15. People who goes around saying Givers Forum has crashed are the one that is attacking the platform with virus trying to hack their data base, but they will not succeed by the Grace of God… That’s why givers forum are working hard to upgrade their security check because enemies are much..

    I even login on this morning, so Givers Forum has not collapse ok.. Soon they will be through with the upgrade. Stay Strong Guys, only the Strong will make it.

  16. What do you expect of a stupid website that promises to pay all participant up to the 4th generation referral? Dumb. Early crash is inevitable! Rip Giversforum. You went away with all my bonuses.

  17. Please I need assistaance. I made ma payment yesterday n its been confirmed. Want to know wat next for me to do, can’t get tru to my upliner. Pls tell me wat to do next, tnx

  18. hahaaaaaa i enter one chance with all my smath hv make my first payment for the person who i was marged to paid an his confrmed me i make a requst to get my money they marged whom is gonna paid me since daybefore yesterday the side is not open gbese re oooo pls admin do something

  19. I ph since 10/12/16 i was matched with two people i called dem dey said dey cant use de site again till now i never recieve any payment i need ur help from chinonye Agbo

  20. Pls people dat am expecting payment from did not pay me and their time hve experird am only seeing transaction failed pls wat will i do i need my money tanx

  21. I need response.innobong umoh paid me #28000 at 8:39am yesterday, but may be due to network deadlock couldn’t upload his payment proof & was blocked.unblock him so that i will confirm him.I don,t want him to regret being a member of this global family.He might be bleeding emotionally now.In truth we stand.Thanks

  22. Giversforum is a scrap. Any body dealing with them is on his or her own. A community whose support cant respond to complaint for over one month despite making the same complaint more than three times in the month is not worth risking beeing a part. Some might be enjoying it now but pray you dont have issues that needs support, then you will lose your cash cos they will never reply.

  23. i gh for 71k and d amount i saw was more than that. So 5 people were matched but all of them failed to pay me then all of a sudden one went and upload fake pop. Both givers forum and d idiot has been on my neckto confirm him which i refuse. Have written to support and for d past four days no reply yet

  24. I ph of 50k and and I was matched with 3 people which I paid them and their all confirmed me only to get of 75k with d person I was matched with who failed to pay me and I’ve lodge complaint to givers support but yet to get reply, pls rematch me with another person cos I need my money.

  25. Givers forum are doing wonderful. But I was uplaod a fake pop to on Wednesday on 04/01/2017. from iyalla diri. As I want to check what he upload my system just confirm the payment, and have being calling him he didn’t pick up his call again, pls help me out.Admin pls help me. We don’t want such people here in Givers forum.

  26. I have paid someone 50k,i tried to get help since yesterday but,its showing pending. yet,d dash board is showing another 50k which I didn’t pledge.what will I do?

  27. I have paid someone 50k,i tried to get help since yesterday but,its showing pending. yet,d dash board is showing another 50k which I didn’t pledge.they have not match me with someone that will pay me my cash.what will I do?

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