No Letter Of Happiness! MMM Members Are Suffering Silently


Many MMM are not happy! They are not able to write Letters of Happiness.

This might sound like a joke to many people who have stayed away from the digital Ponzi Scheme, but it is a coveted letter for MMM members who want to continue cash in on their promised ‘jumbo interests’ and bonuses.

However, writing this Letter of Happiness is nearly impossible as many MMM Nigeria members have written to PageOne Startup Desk to complain bitterly about their inability to write the letter after they have received help.

If you are still confused on what you are reading, here is how it works.

MMM Nigeria members are expected to write Letter of Happiness after they have received their investment with 30% interest and other bonuses. The Letter of Happiness is supposed to show that MMM is real and that the member received their returns as promised.

Explaining how the Letter of Happiness should be done, MMM Nigeria said “As soon as Help was received (money for “sold’ Mavros), every participant has to write a “Letter of happiness”. A form for creating such letter will appear automatically when you confirm your receipt of funds. Later it will be published in “Testimonials” section on MMM Website.”

However, the story is not panning out smoothly, many members are not able to write the letter.

James Etebor (not real names) told that:

“Well I believe in mmm before,but now I’m getting worried cos old participants can’t get help on their money after they hav paid,its referring them to write letter of happiness,and the system is faulty that it won’t allow u to write letter of happiness and without that u can’t get help on ur money and mmm reply via support that their system is being worked on to rectify that by their specialist and it going to 3weeks now can’t make withdrawal so a lot of people dnt knw this until they want to get help.if u collect money today letter of happiness won’t comeup for u to write so when u play after then and pay when its time for withdrawal it won’t be possible it will direct u to write letter of happiness first and they didn’t allow it to work so they claim they re working on their system still waiting”

He lamented that he is afraid that his investment in the scheme might not be recovered:

“So my 400k is still trapped waiting till they rectify their system,its working for first timers now and old participants who wrote letter of happiness before sis issue cameup,u can go on ur mmm profile now click on ur letter of happiness is not working ,so I pray mmm solve sis issue ontime.”

In spite of the fact that they defend the scheme with all their sweat and blood from any criticisms, there are series of complaints from MMM Nigeria members.  In September, MMM implemented moratorium policy that prevents people from accessing their accounts on the pretext that they either changed their account details or they were hacked. This reason has been argued by MMM members not to be true.

Many members complained that their accounts entered moratorium without any of the two reasons provided by MMM.

With temporary moratorium and now Letter of Happiness problems, MMM Nigeria members will have to weigh their options and count their costs going forward.

Despite the bad publicity, MMM continues to gain more popularity. While this does not prove it is legal and not a Ponzi Scheme, the fact that many new comers into the scheme get paid 30% interest in their first 30 days, the popularity of MMM has soared to an all time high. Two weeks ago, a contributor wrote that MMM Nigeria members are now over 1.6 million according to data officially released by the scheme.

However, MMM Nigeria members will have to brace up for more troubles ahead.

On Tuesday, the federal House of Representative of Nigerian National Assembly has called on security and anti-corruption agencies to clampdown on MMM promoters and people spearheading the Ponzi Scheme in Nigeria.

A possible clampdown on the scheme might quicken its inevitable collapse. Moreover, An MMM Nigeria critic told that MMM members might deceive the public that the actions of the government collapsed the system and not the fact that it is a fraudulent scheme that robs ‘Peter to pay Paul’.

11 thoughts on “No Letter Of Happiness! MMM Members Are Suffering Silently

  1. pls …. the same thing is happening to me right away , i have provided help some weeks ago.. so i left my money to be growing in mavro , but this money i tried to get help,unfortunately the system is directing me to write letter of happiness befor getting any help on my money, whereas i tried clicking the “my letter of happiness option” HERE COMES THE YAWA OOO… no option to write letter of happiness talkless of getting out my money…….. SO MMM turning scam oooo

  2. To write letter of happiness open ur personal office wt google chrome browser den write ur loh. Please stop spreading wrong info abt mmm. No one is suffering we r all enjoying. Wen next u av a problem in accessing ur account click support 2 find solution.

  3. Hi, my name is Martins am also having the same problem, i have been trying all i could to get it open for all to no avail. I have tried chrome but noway am trying to visit cyber Cafe to try by Monday to if it will be open for me to write my letter of happiness

  4. I hv gotten help but the people who are 2 pay me have not done so.they were cancelled due 2 expiration of time on Tuesday last week and uptil now,I haven’t been remerged wit someone that can pay me bck my #20000.Plz,wat should I do?

  5. I cannot still write letter of happiness since 2016, I have written to to Support severally but all the solution they proffer failed. Each time I want to write, I would have to go through a guider who will do the writing through her PO. Please help me. What should I do.

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