Oyinkansade Adewale, Executive Director, Union Bank

Oyinkansade Adewale joined Union Bank of Nigeria Plc as Chief Financial Officer and Executive Director in October 2009.

Mrs. Adewale is a chartered accountant and financial controller with 34 years of experience in the financial and banking sectors. She is a Fellow of the Institute o f Chartered Accountants and has held several board and executive positions throughout her career.

In 2009, the Central Bank of Nigeria appointed her as an Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer of Oceanic Bank with oversight of all the bank’s 13 subsidiaries, the Risk Management Group, Finance Group and Strategic Planning. She also served as Integration Manager in the merger between Oceanic and Ecobank Nigeria.

Mrs. Adewale holds a BA degree in French from the University of Ibadan.

Her other achievements include:

Co-founder SIAO, a leading indigenous accounting firm in Nigeria
Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer, Renaissance Group, Africa
Executive Secretary, Renaissance Group Africa’s Advisory Board

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