Aside From The Hype, Is Linda Ikeji Social Dead On Arrival?

Linda Ikeji Social

Over the course of the week, the Internet news space was awashed with information about Linda Ikeji, a popular Nigerian blogger launching her social network called Linda Ikeji Social.

While it is a good thing for Linda Ikeji to expand her business beyond a one-page blogger theme, add more professionalism to her approach to service and customer relations; launching a social network to directly or indirectly ‘take on’ Facebook is a wild goose chase or a joke taken too far.

It is very disappointing that instead of well-known writers and analyst calling a spade a spade, many simply pander to the mob-mentality celebrating a mediocre product as some sort of novel idea from a successful blogger.

There is no need to be ‘politically-correct’, only to wait for the failure of Linda Ikeji Social when it eventually close down. It is better we tell the truth now. She can decide to swallow it or wave it aside as a ‘bad belle’ talk but she will remember when the inevitable knocks on her door.

The first truth that must be told to Linda Ikeji and her team is that Linda Ikeji Social is not only dead on arrival but too unserious to be taken seriously. They should not be carried away with the initial ‘gra gra‘ that follows everything ‘new’ when introduced into Nigeria. Linda should call Jason Njoku and ask him why he had to shut down IrokoTV several times in Nigeria till he settled for what could work for him, what he can really compete in and do properly.

There is no need to start another copycat of Facebook. Facebook is the last and successful social network. Google tried it and got its fingers burnt with Google+. Some other guys copied and pasted Facebook’s theme and called it LAGBOOK. These two copy-makers were celebrated in Nigeria and were even supported by a telecom company as an exclusive sponsor. Two years down the line, LAGBOOK died a natural death. Linda Ikeji Social is yet another attempt at repeating history. Mark Zuckerberg has made it with Facebook, others can only try and soon collapse under their own weight.

If anyone should have competed with Facebook, it should have been Nairaland. Mark Zuckerberg should still be in high school when Nairaland was having thousands of visitors daily. But as fate will have it, the owner of Nairaland did not see his platform beyond the static SMF forum. Life goes on! Facebook came and swept everyone away.

Linda Ikeji’s rationale might be to keep her ‘loyal’ followers, commentators and gossip sources in a place that she can control. However, her execution of the strategy is counter-productive and diversionary. She could have done that effectively and efficiently by expanding her blog beyond the monolithic nature, offer more dynamic content via pictures, videos and gaming canvas. She should be concentrating on giving better user experience to her followers and readers. Formalise her news and gossip services to derive more value from what she already has. Linda can as well take on and on news publishing. She already has more than one million unique visitors daily, why not focus on what will work for you?

Unless Linda Ikeji is only listening to praise singers and sycophants, if anyone has not advised her that Linda Ikeji Social would not only fail in the medium term but bring more harm to her ‘cherished image’, then she should take this article as a little token from people who want her to succeed.

There is no big deal in anyone or any tech product failing but it is more honourable to fail if perhaps the market was not there, not ready or could not afford your product or even force majeure (an act of God).

It is more embarrassing to fail because one was ignorant of simple market dynamics that does not require doctorate in business administration but common sense.

Without fear or favour, Linda Ikeji Social would fail because of the latter.

2 thoughts on “Aside From The Hype, Is Linda Ikeji Social Dead On Arrival?

  1. I just love the way this piece was written . You are such a visionary . While I might be more of a critic, its a bad business strategy to use money to entice your wanna be readers. It will fail in the long run. And as you have rightly mentioned, taking on the likes of punch or vanguard could have established her beyond a gossip blog.

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