AFROPX, An African-Focused Picture Marketplace To Launch In 2017


Brace yourself! By 2017, AFROPX, a marketplace for African images will be launching by next year

In an exclusive email message, Celia Gremy, who happens to be the co-founder of Afrimalin and AFROPX told that the site will launch to sell only African-focused images.

The AFROPX team is composed of experienced West African Internet entrepreneurs as co-founders including: Jean Dabany from Gabon, Arsene Goma-Kick from Congo Brazzaville and Mouhamadou Diallo from Senegal.

For many years, many African photographers have had to rely on foreign picture market places with less options and strict policies for image owners in Africa. This is a good news to many of them and users of creative contents from and on Africa who think Africa has much more to offer its people and the entire world.


The team has released a teaser image (the one above) it has pretty much shown the focus and finite details about the platform. However, it will interesting to see how AFROPX will be differentiated from myriads of foreign picture marketplaces.

Three months ago, Celia Gremy and other co-founders started Afrimalin, it has now become the most dominant classified site in Francophone West Africa. With the smooth execution and launch of Afrimalin, it is expected that Celia and the ‘three horse men’ are poised to give it all it takes to launch something very unique and beneficial to the market.

African photographers and content creators will be keen at maximising opportunities presented by AFROPX to reach a ‘glocal’ audience, monetise their content and make names for themselves.

AFROPX will be launching in the middle of 2017. will follow up with them to give you blow by blow information on how the team is about to pull off one of the most newest eCommerce platform for creative community in Africa.