Akinwande Ayodeji Recognised By CNN As One The Best Inktober Artists

Akinwande Ayodeji

For Akinwande Ayodeji, it is a recognition well deserved. He was featured by CNN as one of the best Inktober artists from Africa.

After 31 days of drawing in the Inktober challenge, Ayodeji was among some of the many Nigerian and African artists who heeded the annual art challenge by Jake Parker.

Inktober is one of the most popular artists ink painting festivals in the world when pen and illustration artists create at least one ink drawing per day for the past 31 days.

Competing in Inktober has not been easy as Ayodeji told CNN that “My only challenge is the access to art materials our contemporaries in USA use. The set of pens I currently use were bought from Amazon, so it limits artistic expression.”

PageOne Pursuits spoke exclusively to Ayodeji and he told us he will be doing more works and projects to showcase his thoughts and talents.

We are happy to share with you his entire drawing for the Inktober Challenge

About Akinwande Ayodeji

I am AKINWANDE AYODEJI AKINOLA. I am an art director, brand Identity designer, Illustrator and Digital Painter.
When I am not working you could find me catching up with family and friends, playing video games, sleeping or just strolling.

I love fantasy art and mythologies from all across the world and this deeply influences my artworks. But as a Yoruba, I infuse my tradition into my art and there is nothing like being African and creating African themed art.

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