Turkish Airlines Uses The Power Magic In Its New Safety Video

Christian Scherer

If you are bored by the usual safety videos you watch in any of your international flights, then you will like the new safety video released by Turkish Airlines

The new safety video features the famous filmmaker and social media phenomenon Zach King.

In an email statement Turkish Airlines said the video was produced “In order to enhance security and passenger protection during air transport operations”

With the significant growth in the number of first time or irregular travellers over the recent years. The new video leverages illusions to improve the safety level on-board. The main purpose of the video is to keep passengers’ attention high during the explanation of important safety procedures using the power of magic.

“With safety being the number one priority at all levels of our airline, creating concise and engaging safety communications has become extremely important”, said M. İlker Aycı, Chairman of the Board and the Executive Committee of Turkish Airlines. “Here at Turkish Airlines we constantly strive to find the most effective and innovative ways to deliver excellent service and overachiever passenger expectations ensuring the highest level of security during all of our operations.”

Watching the film, passengers are flipped between reality and illusion, with King bringing key aspects of inflight safety to life through his signature digital slight of hand tricks.

Dr. Gustav Kuhn – a cognitive psychologist and expert in the science of magic at London University’s Goldsmith’s college – said, “Magic is one of the oldest and most globally-relevant art forms, studied by psychologists and neuroscientists alike for its ability to involve and indeed engross an audience.  It’s exciting to see an airline tap into this reality, taking the modern inflight safety video in a whole new direction.”