MMM United Begins An Incredible Bonus Promotions


MMM United is out with another aggressive promotion.

MMM United, a ‘splinter’ Ponzi Scheme operated by former and some ‘disenchanted’ MMM members/staff is not only promising its members and prospects 100% RoI (return on investment) per month but a new promotion that promise members extra 10% on their monthly earnings.

In a message to its members, MMM United said:

Dear Participants,
Loyalty Bonus is working like a charm for lot of leaders from various part of the world We have been insisted to continue this bonus for 10 more days as it is helping in inviting more participants in the system. Since the system is healthy and getting stronger with each new registration, we have decided to honor the request of our esteem leaders and promoters. We are very glad to inform you that the 10, Extra Loyalty Bonus is continued MI November 5 2016.

We are overwhelmed with the response we are getting and we are very thankful to our committed leaders and promoters from all part of the world.
Enjoy the Bonus!
Happy networking

Unlike Givers Forum, another Ponzi Scheme which is regarded as anti-MMM, MMM United tries to benefit from the ‘brand affinity’ of MMM Global. Like every other Ponzi Schemes, the identity of MMM United owners are not known till date.

With this promotion, MMM United members are now promised up to 110% RoI on every amount they invest in the Ponzi Scheme. Last month, MMM Nigeria, the largest Ponzi Scheme in Nigeria which claim it has over 500,000 members, carried out a promotion for all new sign ups.

Digital Ponzi Schemes such as MMM Nigeria, MMM United and many other variants are in the habit of creating usual promos which many of their critics and watchers see as ‘collapse delay tactics’ (CDT).

The aggressive nature of digital Ponzi Schemes are seen by many of their critics as unbecoming an unethical.

It is worthy to note that the rise and popularity enjoyed by several Ponzi Schemes in Nigeria and across Africa has been attributed to the worst economic recession Nigeria is witnessing.

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