Analysts Predicts Bharti Airtel Will Outperform In Q3


Bharti Airtel, the parent company of Bharti Airtel Nigeria B.V. (Airtel), is expected to release its results any moment from now.

Analysts are already predicting the company’s third quarter earnings will outperform the market.

When a stock performs better than the market as a whole, or a mutual fund performs better than the benchmark against which it is evaluated.

According to a FT poll “As of Oct 24, 2016, the consensus forecast amongst 40 polled investment analysts covering Bharti Airtel Limited advises that the company will outperform the market. This has been the consensus forecast since the sentiment of investment analysts improved on Aug 11, 2010.

Analysts there advised “investors to hold their position in Bharti Airtel Limited”.

Airtel Nigeria, the subsidiary of Bharti Airtel in Nigeria, has been facing tough challenges in the market. The mobile carrier is the third largest carrier in the country by market share.

MTN released a lower revenue compared to its last year’s result. Headline revenue was down from ZAR53 billion last year to ZAR52 billion this year.

Bharti Airtel is set to release its third quarter results any moment from now.

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