Olufunke Hussain Becomes Executive Director At NCR

Olufunke Hussain

NCR an IT company providing support services to banks and financial institutions has announced Olufunke Hussain as the new Executive Director of the company.

The move is as result of the the passing away of its Ambassador H. Ahmadu, CON (Wolin Sokoto) who was a Non-Executive Director of the company.

See official statement below:

It is with great sadness that the Board of NCR (Nigeria) Plc announces the passing away of Ambassador H. Ahmadu, CON (Wolin Sokoto) who was a Non-Executive Director of the company.

The Board will greatly miss him for his invaluable wisdom, excellent judgment and advice. With his exit arises the need to appoint at least a Director to the Board of NCR (Nigeria) Plc.

The Company is pleased to therefore announce that at the Board of Directors Meeting of NCR (Nigeria) Plc held on 12th October, 2016, Mrs. Olufunke Hussain was appointed Executive Director of the Company.
Mrs. Hussain whose appointment takes immediate effect would execute her new office with the former role of Company Secretary.

Mrs. Hussain is an alumnus of the University of lfe, Ile – lfe, where she obtained a Bachelor of Law.degree LL,B (HONS) in 1986. She was admitted to the Nigerian Bar in 1987.

Mrs. Hussain is a skilled legal practitioner with over 28 years’ experience in both private legal practice and corporate commercial law. She has exhibited unparalleled professionalism in the course of her career and has acted on several company and commercial matters including as a Legal Adviser to various companies. She is a member of many professional bodies and was appointed as Company Secretary of NCR (Nigeria) Plc in March 2006.

Mrs. Hussain has contributed immensely to the growth of the company and brings with her the skills, expertise and experience acquired over the years both within and outside the company to further the cause of the Board.

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