Vodafone And Etisalat Egypt Acquire 4G Licenses


Vodafone Egypt and Etisalat Egypt, have announced that they have both received licenses to use 4G networks across Egypyt.

In a statement released on its corporate website, the company said:

”Vodafone Egypt signed an agreement with the NTRA (NTRA stands for National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority of Egypt) to acquire the 4G and the virtual fixed license”.

”The agreement availed additional spectrum to complement Vodafone existing strong spectrum holdings relevant to 4G. Based on this agreement, Vodafone will be able to provide consumer & business customers world class 4G services in Egypt”.

”Vodafone Egypt customers will now be able to experience 4G services across 34 countries around the world”, the company said in the statement.

The acquisition of 4G license has now become a sine qua non for mobile carriers across Africa. Last week MTN, the largest telecom carrier in Africa and Nigeria alongside Globacom, now launched their 4G services in some parts of Nigeria.

With regulatory bottlenecks and economic headwinds across African markets, mobile carriers are looking at squeezing out more revenue from their customers through the provision of 4G and other services that allow them to charge a premium or little more to increase their margins.

MTN is expected to release its Q3 2016 result by on the 24th of October, the company is expected to report a weaker result as a result of its negative result in its half year result.

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