Annual ASEA Conference To Hold In Kigali

ASl Rwanda

The African Securities Exchanges Association (ASEA) and the Rwanda Stock Exchange will host the 20th Annual ASEA Conference, to be held in Kigali, Rwanda in November, 2016.

ASEA aims to enhance the global competitiveness of Member Exchanges and providing a forum for networking and exchange of information. This ASEA annual conference is the flagship event for the host country and for the whole continent especially for the capital markets industry and its players.

The world is facing challenges in multiple fronts as the U.S. Federal Reserve begins its monetary tightening, Europe is struggling to manage migrant and debt crisis, China’s financial stability is in doubt all weighing down on emerging economies and Africa in terms of slowing down prior high growth trajectory.

Theoretically capital markets should play a vital role in sustaining economic growth and maintaining financial stability. It is one of the key solutions for financing the development that meets needs of the present, without compromising the ability of the future generation to meet their own needs. Practically, Africa has not fared well in terms of utilizing the stock markets as an effective option for raising the much needed long term capital to fund our economies yet the potential is there.

The world today is in its 4th Industrial Revolution, Africa is said to be on the Rise , but the capital markets are not necessarily keeping up with the pace with the global changing environment and ever disruptive innovations and technologies thus making our markets less relevant and responsive to our ever growing economies and demand.This year’s theme for the Annual African Securities Exchanges Association (ASEA) Conference and General Meeting ; The Road to 2030 : Making the African Capital Markets Relevant to the real economy is trying to find strong ideas to address the real issues facing our markets in order to achieve tangible and measurable results in form of actionable plans if we are to be more sustainably relevant in the global arena.

Africa is not immune to the shocks and changes in the world economy that could help or hinder its efforts to speed up integration and bring down borders. Recent trends in Africa show that the total trade flows, exports and imports highlight a shift in trade dynamics hence increasing competition from the rest of the world.
As a result, African capital markets and currencies fall prey to international events where they have little or no control over due volatility.

As African stock markets strategize on achieving their vision with IT as one of their main tools, to keep pace with evolving customer needs, African stock exchanges are adopting cloud, big data analytics, Internet of Things and mobility to drive business efficiency.The upcoming African Securities Exchanges Association annual conference will be a great opportunity whereby participants will also discuss financial policy and reforms to support debt, equity and commodity markets, the financing of priority sectors such as infrastructure, Real Investment Schemes (REITs), Collectives Investment Schemes (CIS), Islamic finance, disruptive technology, segment markets through capital markets and the steps needed for further integration of the African capital markets. All this is to make our stock markets relevant to make real impact and contribute significantly to our economic development.

Should we continue to focus on improving stock exchange efficiencies through automation or should we go back to the drawing boards and recharge strategies that will utilize ICTs to deploy securities services in a way that will address the real issues facing African economies ? Did African stock exchanges fail to change with the dynamism of the economic trends that have unfolded over the last 50 years, as a start ?To what extent have our exchanges embraced new growth areas that never existed a few years ago ?

The conference will bring together more than 300 global and regional experts and stakeholders in capital market, regulators, law firms and issuers, domestic, regional and international investors, rating agencies, portfolio and investment managers, government representatives, and technology providers to ask questions and address the big question of how African securities exchanges should become more effective and play a bigger role in mobilizing capital for African businesses that will drive our economies on the global economic stage.

Hosting ASEA in Rwanda will offer an opportunity for the EAC region to demonstrate how much can be achieved through integration of regional securities markets. It will also be an opportune forum to listen to both domestic and global investors how they view the African stock exchanges and what they would wish to see the African exchanges doing together in order to encourage them to invest even more on our continent. The participants will also take the opportunity of this rendez- vous to explore what Rwanda has to offer in business ventures and tourist attractions of the beautiful country of a Thousand Hills.

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