Standard Elite Investors Network Is Just Another Pyramid Scheme

Standard Elite Investors Network

Standard Elite Investors Network has popped up on the radar of the myriad of pyramid schemes gaining popularity in Nigeria.

The scheme has a registered company called Standard Elite Investors Network Ltd. There is no explicit information on who owns or operates the company. On its about us page, the scheme said:

“Standard Elite Investors Network is Proudly Nigerian, duly registered under the Nigerian Cooperate Affairs Commission with Reg No. RC-1318722. We are in the fore-front of providing a Networking and Investment Platform that actually work and delivers using a system that enables everyone who signs up on any of our Investment Package to earn with Very Minimal Effort”.

“Our fundamental aim is to assist you take personal control of your financial future so you can attain financial independence. We provide an enabling environment for all members to earn mind blowing profits from their investments through leveraging on the team effort because we believe that team work divides the tasks and accelerates Success”.

You will notice that there is no mention of names and or pedigree of directors and owners of the scheme. Standard Elite Investors Network must have registered itself as a MLM company but what you are about to read about its ‘products’ says nothing really about MLM.

There is a confusing twist to how the scheme describes itself. On its ‘what we do’ page, Standard Elite Investors Network says it provides the following services:

Raise Funds
We have created a system for you to raise over ₦3,000,000 to facilitate your projects using our various Investment platforms.

Access to Car/Home Financing
We Provide access to Car and Home Financing to enable you get that dream Car, Home and Land in no time

Financial Empowerment
We have created a system to  empower and equip our members enough to escape the mediocre majority and join the 5% population of wealth creators through our investment packages, workshops, training, seminars/webinars.

We provide the Opportunity for members to Meet, Partner and Network with Like Minds with the desire for Success and Goal Attainment

Educational Financing
We Created a system for Educational Financing, Ensuring that the road to giving your child the best Education is made easier.

Business Growth
We Provide a Robust Scheme for Members to Promote and Take their Businesses to the next Level

Investor Packages
With our Investment Packages you can earn mind blowing returns on your investment  within a projected time.

A Robust Platform to fully get knowledge on finance, networking and other empowerment training through Seminars, Webinars, Workshops Video/Audio/eBooks and more

Co-Operative Network
We Operate a Cooperative Scheme where Members can apply for loans and more.

Just as you finished going through these series of repetitive services, you will then realise “Standard Elite Investors Network is just another pyramid scheme playing smart.

To get involved in the scheme, you pay a certain amount and will need to introduce another member before “you get paid Referral Bonus, these Bonuses differ with our Different Packages. Payout for referral bonus is made after every Payday.  Note, there is no information on specific days “Payouts are done twice in a month. Your total earnings are  paid into the account details you supplied to us during your registration”.

As a typical pyramid scheme, members are promised “Extra Rewards per 10 Referrals you make in a month. You Can earn LED TVs, Android Phones, Gas Cookers and more”.

“Standard Elite Investors Network vaguely promised that “On Completion of a level on any package, you earn your Level completion rewards which is the return on your investment for that specific package(s). This is exclusive of the referral bonuses you earn each time you refer a new member”.

It gets more incredible when it claimed that there is a supposed ‘Mega earning’ of “NGN180,000 to NGN3,000,000” to be received “within a projected time depending on the package(s).” With no logical explanation for how it arrived at this calculation and the huge gap between the minimum and maximum “mega earning”, it is just very clear, the scheme is a ruse.

As you finish reading through the hype, you are warned that all “ALL PAYMENTS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE”.

Bottom line

Times without number many have been warned about “get rich quick” schemes. For those who still feel otherwise, there are signs you should look out for. For any company and organisation that collects money under the guise of investment, there must be individuals and their identity.

In the case of Standard Elite Investors Network, there are none of such. Its claim of providing investment services is just a decoy. It is a MLM nor a cooperative society. It is a pyramid scheme.

23 thoughts on “Standard Elite Investors Network Is Just Another Pyramid Scheme

  1. The trouble I have hungry bloggers like you is that you write on topics you know absolutely nothing about.
    SEIN is in partnership with rocket prime.
    Get your facts right please.

  2. Nice one, But How long does it take for them to give people who has sign up their user name and password. Also how long does it take to activate someone who has paid. Cos am experiencing some huge delays.

  3. I invested d two packages for my wife late October, ( robin n eagle) but she only got a message ystday 25th, November 2016, that she has just been registered after almost a month, and she was only registered for robin package. What of the eagle will the notification come later? But why the delay

  4. all this things that people are complaining about, have you try to fixed it. so that we that are coming to joind can have faith that it real

  5. i want to join the scheme but my fear is incase i was not able to get a referral,what will happend to my investment?will i still get paid?austine

  6. If people’s complaints are not well treated how sure are we that the up coming members will be treated, like the delay in confirmation of of registration, delay in sending log in ID & password, delay in registering for 2 or 3 packages & getting corfimation for one? Etc, Then lastly do u have an office in Lagos?

  7. what of if you are unable to get the referrals required what will happen to your investment, will the person still get paid.

  8. You are all bunch of thieves… goodluck with yall….
    this is absolute nonesense and makes no sense to me at all.

  9. For those complaining about delay I guess you have some underlying issues with your registration cos I registered and got my email some weeks later.

  10. the company is owned by one ime kalu and all the directors are family members as i learnt. they have used peoples money to enrich themselves. i wonder why efcc are delaying arresting dis people. meanwhile my i registered since 2nd feb lasy year til now i have not gotten any payment from them. when u go to dai office they would be given u attitude . Bunch of thieves.God will judge of of ona. ur fast wealth will be washed away. no be me go fight ona,nemesis and nature will. soonest. carry people money change her sorry life.

  11. how long will they pay us back our had earn money…even if they want to crash…how long do we trust STANDARD ELITE INVESTMENT for christ sake?

  12. how
    long will they pay us back our hard earn money…even if they want to
    crash…how long do we trust STANDARD ELITE INVESTMENT for christ sake?

  13. this is not funny playing with people life and hope….this is another method of crashing someone dream just like that

  14. we that are in does not have a way out how can new investors come in and register…it is not fair

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