Deliver Hope Is Konga’s CSR To Support IDPs

Deliver Hope

Konga, a leading eCommerce company in Nigeria has just launched Deliver Hope. The company announced this on its corporate blog that the initiative is aimed at putting smiles on the faces of internally displaced persons, IDPs across Nigeria.

As a rationale for launching Deliver Hope, Konga in the statement that as it ‘aims to make shopping as seamless as possible for all’ Konga is also looking at adding ‘value to the society’.

At least about 3 million Nigerians have been displaced by Boko Haram terrorist activities, herdsmen attacks, Niger Delta militancy, flood and other natural disasters.

Konga explained that ‘These situations leave much to be desired as many have lost their homes and livelihood and have to begin again – from scratch. The worst affected are always the children; some lost their parents and guardians to these happenings, others are separated from theirs without knowing for a fact if they’re alive or not’.

‘These situations where nationals have become strangers in their country and do not have reasons to smile due to their situation informed Konga’s decision to deliver hope to them’.

‘The Deliver Hope initiative seeks to involve shoppers to help in alleviating the sufferings of the IDPs. To achieve this, Konga will be sending relief to these camps’, the statement said.

To make Deliver Hope possible, Konga is relying on the goodwill of its teeming customers to:


  • Shop as normal.
  • Buy items worth NGN10,000 or more on the Konga platform.
  • Konga gives NGN250 for every qualified transaction (every delivered order)
  • On the first week of November, we deliver to the IDP camp.

Anyone can also be a voice on social media and all other communication channels. Tell everyone you know about this commitment to poverty alleviation in Nigeria and be a part of this move.

Konga is a major eCommerce player offering general merchandising and delivery solutions via KOS its eCommerce logistics company.

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