Spectranet Partners Netflix For Affordable On-Demand TV


Spectranet has just announced that it is partnering with Netflix, the global on-demand Internet TV provider to provide fast and affordable Internet video entertainment to Spectranet’s customers across Nigeria.

At a press conference in Lagos, David Venn, Chief Executive Officer at Spectranet Limited disclosed the plans to newsmen in Lagos.

Netflix has not launched any deal with any Nigerian Internet service provider since it made its platform accessible to visitors across the world, in last December.

Netflix offers its lowest monthly subscription for USD7 to Nigerians and it has created a special page for Nigerians with some Nigerian movie titles now listed in its catalog.

Netflix is working hard to increase its global  subscription base and get more active customers outside of the United States. The partnership is expected to give Spectranet customers faster access to Netflix with affordable rates. The Internet service provider will be looking at leveraging its 4G LTE network to design packages that its customers depend on to you enjoy the best of Netflix.

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