Zambia Cancels Free Entry Against Nigeria In World Cup Qualifier


The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) might have burst the bubbles of many teeming football fans following the announced that there will be no free entry into the Stadium when the senior national team take on visiting Nigeria on Sunday.

Chipolopolo of Zambia have a date with Nigeria’s Super Eagles in Russia 2018 World Cup qualifying match which is quite important, and would need alot of home cheer.

In a statement released by the Zambia FA, the association said:

”The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) hereby advises Zambia national football team supporters and the public in general that only patrons with valid tickets or credentials will be allowed into the stadium,- the statement shared via Facebook and other social media read.

”Match Organising Committee Members, Security officers and Match Day Ushers will not allow entry into the stadium to individuals or groups without valid tickets or credentials.

”Please take this as FAZ official notification.’

In what seem to have been taken seriously, it is mixed reaction from Zambian football fans. Some complained about the availability while others feel its is a commendable gesture from the FAZ.  See some of the comments below:

”It is sad in Zambia that we can be buying tickets like this. It is even much better to buy from the street. Shoprite workers very chick. As if we who were looking for tickets are fools. Ataaa.”

‘If Zambia has to make a maiden world cup appearance we need to fill the stadium to the rafters.The only solutions is to make those tickets reasonable for ordinary Zambians.Tickets are quite exorbitant and free entry is not a solution.All the best Chipolopolo!”

”U PF cadres who ar alwys looking foward to free things,this time u just have to buy tickets.Campaigns ar over that time Edgar Lungu ws just using u to get to state house again.This time its Dununa reverse.”

”Buying thru shoprite is a hustle just as much as buying thru a 3rd party reseller. Ticket selling system needs to improve. It should start even 2 weeks before the game day, not a day or two with many outlets not having the tickets and long que’s”

”But improve on the sale of tickets,otherwise pipo wil oneday boycot ur matches..its really a hustle to get a ticket,more especially tuma sales ladies mu shoprite,very useless as though dey own faz..”

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