Is MMM Nigeria Using Moratorium To Delay Its Crash?

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Are you familiar with the word ‘moratorium’. Moratorium might just be a new strategy devised by MMM Nigeria to delay the inevitable.

Ponzi Schemes like MMM and many others that have existed often crash once they get to a stage when old members/investors outnumber new members/investors.

After getting hit by a crash in Zimbabwe and the negative PR that comes with such misfortune, the folks running MMM Nigeria are taking some precautions to either delay the crash of MMM in Nigeria and or cheat unsuspecting members.

However, unknowing to many people and including its current members, MMM Nigeria has come up with a creative way of postponing its crash. On its website, the admin running the scheme in Nigeria has added two visible bars titled – ‘Solution to get help delay and understanding and lifting temporary moratorium’

An overview into the concept of moratorium and how it will affect when members can help (withdraw funds with interests) shows that MMM Nigeria claim that there will be serious delay from when withdrawal requests are made and when a match is provided for execution actual withdrawal.

Providing reasons for the moratorium, MMM Nigeria said:

“HACKERS are the major reason for this. When you account gets hacked, the first point of call is your banking details, including Bitcoin address. Hence, the MORATORIUM rule to minimize loss of your mavros (Ponzi currency) to them”.

“When you are on moratorium, your GH gets delayed for 15days (sic) to 1 month depending on the weight of the intrusion”.

The introduction of the clause is unprecedented giving the unique selling point that attracts its members- “30% RoI within 30 days”. The veracity of the argument for a 15-day freeze non withdrawal period as a result of hacking incidents is implausible to say the least. This is because the moratorium clause was introduced at the same time MMM Zimbabwe was crashing and sending panic attacks to the foundations of MMM Global’s country operations.

It is also surprising that MMM Nigeria is not specific on when the moratorium would be lifted. Under its: “How long does Temporary Moratorium last?”, MMM Nigeria shifted the goal post further that lifting of the moratorium can take up to:

  • 15 Days to 30 Days
  • Usually 15 Days
  • Whether 15 Days, 21 Days or 30 Days, either way you wait patiently as there is no shortcut to waiting.
  • While you wait, your mavros continue to grow normally.

PageOne gathered from MMM critics and MLM industry watchers that the moratorium and the justification is not only false but a ploy by MMM Nigeria to further ‘pull the wool’ over the eyes of its ardent members and prospective members who are needed by the scheme to keep the Ponzi scheme running for some time before it faces the inevitable.

In recent weeks, MMM Nigeria has initiated several moves to prevent its Nigerian operations from getting hit by panic withdrawals. A financial analyst told PageOne Startup desk that the moratorium approach is a strategy to force from most members withdrawing pending the time the crash of MMM Zimbabwe would fizzle out.

40 thoughts on “Is MMM Nigeria Using Moratorium To Delay Its Crash?

  1. Thanks for the publicity, mmm is getting more popular. From all indication, u don’t know what mmm is let alone how it works. There is no central place where everybody put their money together. So, nobody will carry everybody’s money anywhere.
    At least u had gotten ur cheap traffic, on negative note. Cheers… MMM rocks and still paying.

    1. Don’t you get it? You are paying the cash to theri agents account? Who says you in warri and someone in kano isn’t paying into the same adefemi ayeola’s account? Eehhhh? Think deep… Thet are already paying out their cash.. It’s just dragging on because new members are joining. But,……. Point to one human who does business so people wil benefit and he will loose? Be wise naaaaa shuuooooo

  2. I requested for help since yesterday and I haven’t been matched till now. There is no moratorium on my account so I wonder why it is taking so long to get matched. What is really going on because people have had the same complaints for the last 3days or so

  3. how is it now? have you now be match or still not yet match, because I am having same issue now, I will really appreciate if you can whatsapp me @Cynthia

  4. This moratorium issues is just becoming too much, i must confess. Am equally involved. And i know of a guy whose 2.5m is involved, he is critically ill. Am begining to be scared annd they keep telling me to be patient. Who do we cry to.

    I have switched to GET HELP WORLDWIDE, IT’S NEW AND PAYING ACTIVELY, 30% after 30 days. It’s even more organized than MMM.

  6. Please can someone help my has been under tamporary moratorium for more than 2 months now I can no longer sleep well I feel like am dying please I need urgent help I have been written to support still no way out I donated alot pls helllllppppp meee oooooo! !!!@mmm.

  7. If you really wana get help or lift the moratorium, u have to shown more than one ID including your specific bank’s ATM card… .i did mine dat way nd I wasn’t up to a day mine was lifted.. ……Emmanuel

    1. @emmanuel pls how long did it take for urs to be lifted?I Hv submitted ID card but still waiting for mine to be lifted.Do I write to them again with my ATM card and ID card as means of identification

  8. if one uses one account name for two mmm account any problems ,but the account number is different pls some one help,long mmm Nigeria

  9. i have not been matched for two days now. i have written to support twice but no response. how will i even know an under moratorium?

  10. If you are a loyal promoter of MMM, i can never ever do business with you! MMM is clearly rubbing Peter to pay Paul and people defend it with their life. The blood of anyone that dies as a result of its crash is on the head of those that made profit from the demons scheme!

    When you Google MMM it’s clearly explained by Wikipedia what this thing is all about. Desperate Nigerian that can kill for money. Rubbish!!!

  11. Hello everyone my name veronica edeh I was under tamporary moratorium for more than two months but I have been lifted last month 29/10/16 I was so happy and till date am still donating on mmm,cos I have now understood that whatever mmm did was just for my own good so please anybody experiencin the same should have patient is just for a while I know is not eazy but please don’t worry mmm will pay you just the way I was payed thanks

  12. Please can someone help me out for over a week now I have been on temporary moratorium and I have already send my ID card to them but no reply. This is my no 08131239968.

  13. I have been on moratorium close to a month now, I’ve written support severally but it’s not lifted… Anyone to help please

  14. so i realized that m on moratorium …. i got a response that they will fix the stuff within 48hrs, its more than 3days now .. it still havnt been lifted .. so my issue is can i cancel my GH request so my mavro could grow before they fix the problem

  15. I try to get help yesterday, but i was not matched with anybody to pay me. There was nothing like moratorium on my personal office. Please someone help me. I can be reach on whatsapp via 08037535728

  16. Pls someone should help me out, I have been placed on moratorium for about a month now. I have written to support, many times they don’t even want to tell me what the problem is or what to do only be patient iam so tired.

  17. This is Ogechukwu and i have a problem. I requested help and a participant was matched to make payments ro my account. Unfortunately, the participants uploaded a fake screenshots and when i confronted participants her reply was to stall time. Well i was outraged and reported outrightly to support. I was not given an answe. I was panicked and i created various tickets lo i was given a reply that my account has been placed on temporary moratorium. What do i do now? On my dashboard, i have ticked funds not received. What is the next step for me @ Cynthia?

  18. I tried to get help for the past 2weeks now,but I hv nt been matched,I wrote 2 support 3days ego they said that they hv sent my request to relevant authority that I should wait for feedback, wht do I do guys am worried,

  19. I gh for more than 2 weeks but my order was not matched, no moratorium on my PO, i wrote to support they replied that my issue has been sent for consideration, later they said my request is closed cuz my issue is resolved or i didn’t replay to support in 7days. but how do i reply when no question was addressed to me? am still confused. pls any form of help is welcomed.

  20. Please someone help, I’ve been placed under moratorium for over a month and support isn’t helping. They just tell me to wait but I need the money for urgent reasons. Please what can I do? Someone help!!

  21. pls av been placed on moratorium for months now…but the support said my problem av been solved but still nothing shows till the freezing of account …..

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