Is MMM United Covering Up Something?

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Is MMM United Covering up a near crash of its scheme? Some weeks ago, MMM United members could not login to access their accounts.

On the 5th of October, MMM United released a promotion on its site that it will be giving “10% EXTRA LOYALTY BONUS FOR 10 DAYS”.

While this seems like a typical promotion typical of Ponzi Schemes, the content of the promo seems all might be going well with the ‘MMM clone’. See below:

Dear Participants,

Thank you for making MMM United the largest single global structure of MMM. We are getting bigger every day with participants joining our cause from every corner of the world. This could not have been done without your support, trust and patience. A big THANK YOU to each and every one of you.

Last 30 days were really challenging for us. With number of technical errors and bugs in the system and less resources at our technical support end, some members had to face frustration and disappointment. Our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience caused to all of them. We are learning from every mistake and trying not repeat same mistake again. We are so proud of all of you who stood by us firmly in this difficult time. We are moved by your kind gesture and the commitment all of you have shown. Your loyalty towards our initiative has motivated us in lot of ways.

To return the favor, MMM United announces 10% Loyalty Bonus for the period of 10 days. Provide Help made during Oct 5 2016 to Oct 15 2016 will get (Regular) 100% per month plus 10% EXTRA bonus as a token of our appreciation. Bonus will have lock in period of 7 days and can be withdrawn on 8th day.

10% Extra Loyalty Bonus is offered for two main reasons.
1. You stood by us in difficult time, now it’s our turn to return the favor.
2. This would be tight slap to those anti-community elements that are spreading rumors about system stability and questioning our ability to provide you sustainable platform.

We are healthier than ever and will flourish more in near future. Let us remind you once again, United we stand, divided we fall… Don’t let these sadists; narcissists disrupt our cause of uniting MMM participants worldwide. We are ONE, we are unshakable.

Enjoy & Stay Awesome.

The promo message showed that MMM United had a near crash event. Because its members are not as many as MMM Global’s community of diehard members who fight tooth and nail to defend the scheme.

Most Ponzi Schemes are usually not transparent about the health of the scheme. Whenever there is a drought of funds in the system to pay huge ‘bonuses’ and ‘interests’, they usually use the pretext of website bugs and server problems.

MMM United was apparently created by former and ex members of MMM Global. The Ponzi Scheme has never disclosed names of individuals behind it. The covering up is suspicious, a typical behaviour with Ponzi Schemes.

MMM E. Africa has been covering up circumstances surrounding its crash in Zimbabwe. On its website, the admin blast journalist accusing them of spreading rumours and perpetrating ‘copy and paste’ journalism

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  1. apparently mmm united has finally crashed despite all the cover ups in terms of bonuses. Somebody should assist in identifying the people behind the scheme, so they can be held accountable.

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