Meet Walter Akpani, CEO Of ProvidusBank

Walter Akpani

Walter Akpani might not be popular in the general business square. But for the fact that he will be launching out ProvidusBank into the market any time soon, he will be at the forefront of media and financial services radar.

Some months ago, ProvidusBank received a regional license alongside SunTrust Bank from the Central Bank of Nigeria. The bank has since then been working night and day to join SunTrust Bank which launched operations in August.

On the bank’s website which is still under construction, Walter Akpani is described as a seasoned banker with over two decades experience. He holds a Master of Science degree in Finance from the University of Strathclyde, Scotland.

His career trajectory has been through Natwest Bank UK, ICON Merchant Bank/ICON Stockbrokers, Commercial Trust Bank, Standard Trust Bank Plc and Platinum Bank Limited. Walter has been actively involved in bank start-ups in Nigeria. He was a pioneer staff member with ICON Stockbrokers, restructuring team member at Commercial Trust Bank, pioneer staff at Standard Trust Bank Plc now United Bank for Africa, UBA and pioneer staff at Platinum Bank Ltd.

He is a distinguished Treasurer in the Nigerian banking industry, having led the Treasury departments of ICON Stockbrokers and Commercial Trust Bank.

He also served as Group Head, Financial Institutions department in Standard Trust Bank and Group Head, Investment Banking at Platinum Bank Limited.

Walter disengaged from Platinum Bank Ltd, as Vice President, Institutional Banking, to start  United Mortgage Bank Limited.

A change agent with very strong interpersonal skills and industry depth, Walter Akpani is well respected within and outside the industry and has been able to build up an effective network of contacts and associates in most strategic sectors of the Nigerian economy.

Walter plays tennis and is actively involved in the development of youth tennis in Nigeria.

23 thoughts on “Meet Walter Akpani, CEO Of ProvidusBank

  1. I like to congratulate Mr. Akpani whom his present is not a surprise. I know he can get to this height based on my working experience with him. Heavens will support you to take the bank to a greater height.

  2. Congrtulation
    I will advise you to open a branch in Kano State, and it will be my pleasure to be amoung the first staff.

  3. congratulations to the latest reliable bank in Nigeria. I will love to work with this bank and developing my career with the financial institution.

  4. i was at you official opening of you Bank yesterday Sir, Mr. Walter Akpan you real spoke well sir with both Governor and Oba Reliwan Akinolu God bless you Bank sir.

  5. The food and occasion were interesting, i will continue to marketing you bank aggressively sir. 08039448069 is my number sir, i have more than 13years experience in hospitality (hotel service) sir.

  6. Digital and networking marketing is going on through my platform sir, i want people of Oshodi, Oshodi- Isolo to know this Providus Bank very well sir

  7. Congratulations Mr Akpani for this bold step. May God give you the wisdom to take it higher an keep the flag flying. I work in a medical sector. In case you need any medical coverage for your staff I’m available. 08164632008

  8. Congratulations to Mr Walter and provides bank. Hope to see the bank at the top as one of the best bank in Africa.

  9. Big Congrats to Mr Walter Akpani and the ProvidusBank family.
    GOD bless the new great bank.

  10. Cogratulations, Walter! The sky is now your stepping stone. Be careful of lendings with the colouration of nepotism. Give more to groups than you give to persons. Individuals have short memories that die with them while communities’ records become legends. Good luck!

  11. Congratulations Mr Walter Akapani for the mantle to lead providus bank to the greatest height. The Lord is your strength. I am an Administrative specialist, available to join your team. 07036717821 is my contact.

  12. Laudable entry….. Congrats Providus bank we expects you to take SME to greater heights

  13. Congratulations Mr. Walter on your outstanding contributions to the banking sector so far, may God give you more strenght to do more. I moved from fidelity to Linkage Assurance Plc and incase you need workers am available on 08034495081

  14. Congratulations Mr. Walter on your outstanding contributions to the banking sector so far, may God give you more strenght to do more. I moved from fidelity to Linkage Assurance Plc and incase you need workers am available on 08034495081 name is Gloria Izuaje

  15. I love this bank and owner is a father to me and my family sky is your limit sir, congratulations sir

  16. Congratulations Mr. Walter, may God bless you with more knowledge. I have a Bsc in Banking and finance with 5yrs experience in Banking industry(UBA, Sterling bank and Union bank). I will like to work with you Sir. My contact is 09085810638. Thank you.

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