Divine Leverage International Is A ‘Sic’ Pyramid Scheme

Divine Leverage International

While everyone might be lost in the bubble of MMM, you might not have heard about Divine Leverage International Limited.

Divine Leverage in its shortened appellation is a pyramid scheme that promises its would-be members the assurance of earning up to NGN9,8 million.

In its marketing pitch, Divine Leverage International sounds like a me too pyramid scheme but because the promise of financial freedom is tenable to such target audience, the company is ‘home and dry’.

“It is a universal truism, that of the whole lots that dream big, only a staggering few (about 10%) ever live big. The question now is, what does these few know or do differently that the remaining 90% don’t know or do? The answer is in a world called Leverage:the ability to work thousands of hours in 24 hours. Stop for a moment and think; if every person in this country contributes 0ne naira (#1) each to your account, i do not think that will be difficult for them to do considering the small amount each person is contributing, but you will automatically become a millionaire”.

“The question now is how can you possibly do that, how do you reach every one to contribute this money to your account? we have the answer; Divine Leverage Team Ltd (DLT) can help you. We have the platform, where Nine thousand Eight hundred and forty (9840) persons can contribute one thousand naira (#1,000) each to your account, and that is Nine Million Eight hundred and forty thousand naira (#9,840,000) and an opportunity to become a major distributor of Recharge cards (The most consume product in Nigeria). Have you thought of this and the impact this will have on you and your loved ones? Yes! That is exactly where we come-in; Divine Leverage Team Ltd (DLT), the fastest growing multilevel social mutual scheme in Africa. We provides you a platform where you can benefit from the effort of thousands of persons you don’t know- this is leverage… ”

“Once again what are your dreams – A Brand New Car, a Home of your own, what about Money to Marry the Wife/ Husband of your youth, and Live the kind of life you always Dreamed of. Freedom from Job Enslavement, Pay your children school fees and become Financially free? It is all possible, you can have all of these with DLT – the result of a long search for financial freedom. We are established, after a long research on how to end the sufferings and poverty of Africans – Nigerians in particular – who have being in search for a means to increase their standard of living. The idea in this business is based on the Golden Rule – Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. It is only natural, that for you to reap, you must first sow. Welcome on board the journey to financial freedom”.

“We run a multi-level social mutual system (MSMS) -A nation-wide Cooperative that has proven to be effective and has enjoyed speedy growth over the yeears (sic). Duely register with RC:1084697. We are in the business of empowering lives using the power of leverage. DLT is in collaburation (sic) with a farmers multipurpose cooperative society (Divine farmers MPCS LTD), own by highly placed net-worth individuals and managed by distinguished professionals. Our sole aim in DLT is to leverage on the productivity of ourselves i.e helping each other to achieve financial freedom via the power of cooperative by contributing a thousand naira #1,000 to each members account, which amount to millions”.

However, if you read through the above pitch, there are series of spelling and grammatical errors. This is a red flag for anyone that Divine Leverage might just be another pyramid scheme that is just interested in making money from an unsuspecting public.

Divine Leverage International
Source: Divine Leverage International

The pyramid scheme also claimed that it “is in collaburation (sic) with a farmers multipurpose cooperative society (Divine farmers MPCS LTD), own by highly placed net-worth individuals and managed by distinguished professionals”, but there is no mention any name or recognisable ‘net-worth’ individuals who are behind the scheme.

Marketing Plan

Divine Leverage International also makes it glaring to a discerning audience that it is typical pyramid scheme that relies on contribution of new members to compensate old members.

It warned anyone who wants to join that “Please do not sign up for this business except you can refer your compulsory three (3) persons, because you will not gain anything and you will tie others down. Also, note that what you earn is base (sic) on your ability to refer your three compulsory persons and build your team, i.e coordinate and follow up your success lines

For anyone who then agrees to join the scheme, see below what they are required to do:

  1. Pay #1,000 to the account number of each persons (sic) whose name and account details appear on the other side of the form.
  2. Pay #3,000 (Adminstrative (sic) and service charge to Divine Leverage Team Ltd account.
  3. Attach the Nine (9) original bank tellers (evidence of payment) to the certificate,
  4. Fill in your personal information on the Registration form provided overleaf of the certificate.
  5. Send the original certificate with attached tellers, by hand or any courier service of your choice to our office at 120 Road, Effurun, warri, Delta State, Nigeria or through the person that invited you in (your upline). Within three days or maximum a week, three (3) certificates that carries your name and your personal bank details at the Ordinary eaner’s (sic) stage will be generated and send to you. At this stage the Person whose name and bank details appears at the exit point (Diamond) had moved out
  6. You will earn three thousand naira #3,000 after you activated your three personal certificates, by Referring your three persons and your job is done.

You will also notice that members have to pay “service charge to Divine Leverage Team Ltd account”, this means members are indirectly paying for the day to day running of the ‘company’, a very unusual charge by a pyramid scheme.

Another red flag about Divine Leverage International is that it is based out of Lagos, in Warri, Delta state, South South of Nigeria. The scheme is bound to get more members within its sphere, however, based on past history of pyramid and Ponzi Schemes in Nigeria, they mostly situate their offices of of key financial centres and cities, where media attention and transparency is demanded.

Bottom Line

There is nothing on the scheme’s website that proves it is a genuine multi-level company generating any income/revenue through the sales of goods or services. Divine Leverage International is just another pyramid scheme that will end up scheming people out of their hard earned money.

Note: We (sic) is repeatedly used in this article because of errors and spelling mistakes in the information provided by Divine Leverage International Limited.

9 thoughts on “Divine Leverage International Is A ‘Sic’ Pyramid Scheme

  1. Hummmm d process is too long is der no way I can make payment by snapin d teller so b4 my account must hav b credit dose persons must hav receive deir payment, instead of me moving Dow to warrior.ha DAT is too stressful.

  2. Your process is a bit difficult, these days people do online payment. Someone in lagos will now pay money jst to deliver a teller to Warri.

    1. You can go online on their site now and make payment they now even have an interswitch platform this package gets more sweeter everyday

  3. The process have been made simpler you can now go on their site and do every thing they now have everything online which made it even more interesting you can check them out now on http://www.divineleverage.bz DLT is really helping lives in their own way

  4. For the system you could do payment through their interswitch or you make payments and upload your evidence of payment

    1. Its still functioning 100% and Im a living witness made cool cash from it and still making from it

  5. Divine Leverage Team Ltd are moving forward ooo!!!!!
    Have you heard of the new package called DLT GOLD. its just 3200. what are you waiting for?
    come and register and start earning now!!!!!!!

  6. divine leverage team limited is one multi level marketing company that has stood the test of time. they regularly improve on their packages and keep to their promises. make the decision to join now and become financially free!!!!!!!!

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