Revolutionising Consumer Behaviour Using Ondemand Service


The ondemand economy is revolutionizing commercial behavior in cities around the world; Nigeria is not left out especially Port-Harcourt.

The technology startup companies are fulfilling consumer demand via the immediate provisioning of goods and services.

This service is driven via an efficient, intuitive digital mesh layered on top.

The growth of the industry is expanding with an accelerating pace. The businesses in this new industry represent the turnaround in technological innovation and an evolution in consumer behavior.

Many ask: is this a bubble? Is this a short term trend? Is the hyper growth were seeing going to slow soon? The answer is capital letter NO. The new on-demand model has opened the door to real time fulfillment of goods and services, which consumers have embraced with a frequency that is unprecedented.

It is no longer a question of if the ondemand will revolutionize the way people transact or create thousands of jobs or move governments.

The internet makes human desire more easily attainable. In other words it offers convenience. Convenience on the internet is basically achieved by two things; speed, and cognitive ease. If you study what the really big things on the internet are, you realize they masters at making things fast and not making people think.

Consumer behavior is changing. Quick access to messaging, emails, media and other online functionality, smart phones has generated a sense of entitlement to fast, simple and efficient experiences.

The on-demand economy is here to stay. It will represent fastest most significant shift in spending since the advent of internet commerce.

This new industry and it’s ability to satisfy consumers is in increasing demand for simplicity, efficiency and convenience. Mobile technology, the remote controls we use to navigate our daily lives are transaction engines that never leave our pocket. Never before have consumer had this simple way of transaction.

 The ondemand economy and the business within it are empowering a revolution.

The on-demand car service, the likes of Uber are reshaping people’s understanding. There is still more opportunity. Simultaneously on-demand ecommerce service is really doing great take the likes of Jumia, Konga and more.

Same as the home on-demand service taking care of the hustle and pains home users pass through getting professional help ranging from fixing of home appliance and more. The like of and more are really bridging the gap of getting professional technicians and service providers.

As stated earlier the internet is not supposed to make human think much or get confused. Starting from Uber, Jumia, Konga,, Printivo,,, Foodstantly,, they all make life simple no hassle with getting things done anymore.

Written by: Igwe Stanley Onyekachi


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