When Will MMM Nigeria Collapse?

Will collapse

When will MMM Nigeria collapse? This is a billion Naira question, going by the fact that billions of Naira have exchanged hands among MMM Nigeria members, a Ponzi Scheme that has just collapsed in Zimbabwe and South Africa.

To know when MMM Nigeria will likely fizzle out, one just need to look at how long it took in other countries before it collapsed.

The Chronicle of a Ponzi Fraud

MMM China using the name MMM Global started business in China in April 2015. Promising millions of Chinese 100% return on investment, Sergei Mavrodi in his usual arrogant manner denigrated Chinese traditional financial system adopting Bitcoin and creating his own Ponzi currency called the Mavro.

During the rise of the scheme, many quarters in the Bitcoin community warned many Chinese citizens. Bobby Lee, CEO of Chinese Bitcoin Exchange BTCC, the New York Times that:

But he said he had seen signs that Chinese investors were using Bitcoin to move money into an international investment scheme, MMM Global, which claims to have been created by a man who did prison time in Russia after a previous Ponzi scheme collapsed.

Unfortunately for the its victim in China, after nine months of its noisy existence, MMM China collapsed. While the government eventually warned its citizens to stay away, it was little too late. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the State Administration for Industry and Commerce warned Chinese citizens that investment in MMM China

“Presents huge risks to investors because it is operating illegally in the country and may have funneled funds abroad. MMM China is among an emerging number of unlicensed organizations that aim to attract online investors with promises of high returns while employing a business model that looks to be a Ponzi scheme”.

By the 19th of January, 2016, MMM China was already gone, millions of Chinese investors were left in the cold and bruised.

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The story of MMM South Africa began around the same time MMM China started, but with a different ‘flavour’. The scheme in its usual noisy manner pervaded the length and breadth of South Africa using the business model as MMM-2011, claiming a “30% per month” return through a “social financial network.

Things went south in less than three months after MMM China collapsed. Many South Africans were melted when MMM could not meet up with its withdrawal. Many MMM-linked accounts were also frozen by Capitec Bank and others. The National Consumer Commission also gave its verdict that MMM is a ponzi scheme, thereby making it illegal operation.Six months after some sanity, MMM South Africa has been woken up from the dead by some former Guiders who trying hard to get people to PO (provide help, another word for deposit)

Surprisingly, the creation of MMM Nigeria came as a surprise to many people especially many who have witnessed the ‘horror’ of financial loss that it has wrecked in China and South Africa. PageOne eventually revealed that MMM Nigeria might be on a running on a slightly different trajectory as opposed to its South African operations.

One Earnest Mbanefo, apparently a Nigerian, is the brain behind MMM. The intense and extensive campaign launched by MMM in Nigeria could not have become so ‘noisily-successful’ with mere foreign boots on the ground. With the help of Earnest and other Nigerians who understand the psyche of its citizens, MMM Nigeria executed one of the most systematic and choking investment recruitment ever in the history of Nigeria.

When Will MMM Nigeria Collapse?

As at today, MMM Nigeria is already in its sixth month operation. Analysts are already predicting that give or take, the scheme might finally collapse in the next three months. There are remote and immediate causes that might quicken the process.

First is: should MMM Nigeria not able to dilute the raging negative PR all around Nigeria, new members would dry up and the scheme would crash faster than a park of cards. The second is a remote cause. The scheme already has over 500,000 members since two months ago. It has not surpassed this number in any significant way, such stagnancy is a recipe for disaster for a Ponzi Scheme that relies on constant flow of new and old members passing the ‘buck’

Many Nigerians have flocked to this Ponzi Scheme almost more than the way and manner they have invested in the stock market or treasury bills. The day it eventually collapse, many Nigerians who participated in it would have written their names in history for all the wrong reasons.

60 thoughts on “When Will MMM Nigeria Collapse?

  1. If I call hungry blogger it look as if na me carry mmm Nigeria for head put pain me when a nontity like you will tarnished a good image of mmm Nigeria with lies that lazy blogger like your type cares not to verify rumor, the only mmm platform that was officially stoped was mmm global which was they revert from getting help 100 percent of help provide as a result of the daily task reward that make it up 100percent for 30 days now it operate at 50 % for each help millions of it member provide currently, mmm China only collapsed in the dairy of a lazy hungry blogger all over the world na hungry go kill your type you better look for something to do with your life waste your lazy time willing away your destiny in the name blog
    For the general public that intends to join mmm Nigeria that this lazy fellow have in mind to discourage and other mavrodians all over the globe here is the official website of mmm China this buffoon reported that it collapsed January or February this year till date it rocks full time the celebration of their member can tell the story though in their local chines language but any true mavrodian will understand what that means when you check the date here mmm China http://china-mmm.net/ and here is mmm Zimbabwe http://ea-mmm.net/ all what the hungry media and blogger who collect peanut from. Their pay master is out to achieve is to put fear in you but is you are deceived by their fake news na you do yourself even Nigeria government have been able to do for me in my entire life of 30 years what MMM Nigeria has done for me in 4 months
    They call us name yet I smile every 30 days, they call us name yet the poor is gradually becoming rich by just giving and receiving help in mmm Nigeria community
    If you never join mmm Nigeria recession na you get am because in mmm we don’t know the colour of recession
    Reach on my whatapp zero eight zero five three three zero six four three three for step by step guide on how to register and be be part of mmm community Thanks
    Mmm together we go pursue Poverty to Sahara desert

  2. MMM am not a member of mmm but i have see light in it. the bank and government are scared because no tax is pay. he has created a good platform to help individual solve the financial problem. dont say what u dont knw join and bring out your prove

  3. Really disapointed how websites just post trending topics just to get traffic. Anyways, its eaisier to criticize from outsite the box . you do not even understand a single concept of MMM. Keep spreading your message. ill keep making my money on MMM. But next time, do proper research before doing copy and paste

  4. This morning, I will do my best to explain wot really happened in MMM Zimbabwe in order to calm panics in d mind of misinformed MMM participants.

    MMM Zimbabwe offers 100% mavro growth in 30days. This was implemented to attract participants due to the economic hardship in the country. This mavro growth for those of us in business is called market penetration. Again their mavro was never frozen just like ours in Nigeria which multiplies for 15 days and also freezes for that long before withdrawal. What happened in Zimbabwe is an implementation of what is already going on in Nigeria. MMM has seen that they don’t need no market penetration to attract participants. They mavro growth was reduced from 100% to 20%. 10% below what we are getting in Nigeria(30%). And the mavro is also frozen for 14days just as its been done in Nigeria. The Nigerian Model works perfectly fine and MMM is trying to implement it globally. So there is no collapse of any structure, its just a remodelling of what is already in place in Nigeria
    Again this is what happened in south African in April. They reduced their mavro growth from 50% or so to 30% and 20% with other schemes like lotteries introduced. And I can categorically tell you that the South African Mmm community is growing faster and better than ever after that change and reduction in mavro growth.
    Some other points to note is: The writer of that piece, has absolutely no knowledge of how mmm works, and the main aim of it is to cause panic. Zimbabwe MMM is still going on even with the 80% decrease in mavro growth. Did anyone lose their money? No. What happened is when u pledge 10k, instead of getting 20k reward in 30days, which is 100% reward, u get 12k which is 20% reward. They are still rewarded with 2k. In Nigeria we get 3k reward for 10k pledge. So did anyone lose their money? Absolutely not. Has it stopped MMM Zimbabwe from continuing? Not at all.
    The Nigerian Model of MMM Works perfectly so let’s keep it going?

  5. Hi Everyone!

    I have critically examined the idealogy and the philosophy of the MMM stuff. First of, the MMM is not a Ponzi Scheme though it appears so apparently. From dictionary definition,a “Ponzi Scheme is a form of fraud in which belief in the success of non-existent business or enterprise is fostered or promoted by payment of quick returns to the investors from money invested by newer investors”. In MMM, you are not investing even though it appears so since no receiving broker exist to trade with your money rather your money goes to individuals who needed financial assistance.The system works on the principle of mutual contribution [fund] provided everyone who contributed will not ask for return or request or “help” at same time,if that happens the system will fail like every bank or insurance institution. If everyone at of panic got to the bank same day asking for their deposit, that bank would fail because the banking system is sustained by trust and confidence. And no insurance company would survive if in one day all their risk liabilities happen on same day. So generally that MMM would fail base on such postulations is no news.
    The fact is that MMM Russian and MMM South Africa,etc had issues ( some are still operating) and that was not because of the ideology . For instance, in Russian the Vladir Putin govt imposed some tax regime which saw the Mavrodi company challenged and that led to problems.
    I have my doubt for the MMM scheme,hence I did my own critique before I rgistered. As per taking risk,yes one can not take foolish risk simply because life is risk but I think MMM is not strange. Afterall, in the stockmarket many of us have lost millions of naira. I dont even check my account anymore because is all red and some companies have even been delisted from the market.So what I am saying is that there is a common risk and MMM has even cautioned everyone to only “give” spare money.

    I hope this helps!
    Thanks and regards.

  6. MMM is pure 419. It’s only the flys that dose not listen to advice that will be buried with the corpse. Those that have ear should here. This is a digital 419

    1. Yes but why it is still working is because nobody knows how mmm makes its money but i do and im not telling, else, government will have a better argument to stop the scheme. It is 419 alright but both party wins at the end. Who cares? Join and make your money too while it lasts.

  7. People should stop listening to rumors, look CEO of mmm is never interesting in your money, you never pay money into he’s account rather we pay to ourself! I can not stop to thank God for the Ideal giving to CEO of mmm to chase away poverty by using this platform, as a youth nobody care about your financial status the companies has filled there are many unemployed graduate out there soaking in poverty but mmm come to balance you financial status so there is no reason of frauding you! So go ahead and invest leave them to using the time rumoring while you are busy making your money every month.

  8. I will just tell people to use wisdom on this matter. I have not really believed this programme. Although I have seen a few people who have really got their reward 2 or 3 times but I am still not convinced because of my past experience. Nevertheless, I don’t also experience recession.

  9. pls can someone tell me how Mmm get the 30% and other bon us they give to people that rendered help to people.

  10. if only mmm is paying tax all this news wouldn’t have been there, am a student i have paid my school fees for two semester now without the help of my parent. all thanks to almighty mmm. long leave mmm Nigeria.

  11. MMM sentimental followers tread with caution, Nigeria can’t decide how to use your money but may try to protect her citizens, when I was listening to the founder of MMM Nigeria on YouTube he said “Nigerians are not using the platform for donation purposes but instead as an investment” he also reiterated “we will try to push it 5 to 10 years, if guiders don’t bring more people in, the system will collapse” meaning its a ponzi scheme and must end, probably with an orchestrated exit plan in place.
    We all know how Nigerians are very innovative, the business model is now transforming into a crowdfunding platform by some MMM guiders to confuse new members, like kickstarter etc.

    MMM should register the business, with an operating license & headquarter like other crowdfunding organisation, so if it goes south someone will be held responsible.
    Section 38 (1). No persons shall
    (a) operate in the Nigerian capital market as an expert or professional or in any other capacity as may be determined by the Commission; or
    (b) carry on investments and securities business unless the person is registered in accordance with this Act and the rules and regulations made there-under.

    MMM IS A DIGITAL PONZI SCHEME, its just like a funnel with water, once the flow stops, it will still flow for a while before it stops.

    How does MMM make profit (when it engages on intensive digital marketing that cost lots of money)?
    Three (3) possible thoughts,
    (1) Invest the same way as Nigerians but without limit of $10,000 (Since its trial business model can’t be predicted)
    (2) 1% or less of all monies invested in MMM-Nigeria. (They claim to be 800k members with minimum investment of 20k, 800k x 20k = N16B, 1% monthly is N160M lost to MMM Global)
    (3) Have fictitious accounts mixed with legal accounts for payments. (Which will be difficult to track in their forums)

    When MMM platform eventually shuts down?
    The money will be trapped at one end. Which is not as bad as its analog predecessors, they wouldn’t loose all the money to MMM Global.

    Most men either compromise or drop their greatest talents and start running after, what they perceive to be, a more reasonable success, and somewhere in between they end up with a discontented settlement. Safety is indeed stability, but it is not progression.” ― Criss Jami, Killosophy

  12. mmm is use 20 to make 40 I don’t believe it. it fail in China, south Africa and Zimbabwe. Nigeria is the next.

  13. Forget that guy… Savanah Bank in Nigeria that folded up, what happened to the money of individuals with them that year. Because mmm-Nigeria does not allow money stay in the bank statically, they are raising false alarm. Which bank in Nigeria can give 30% interest for 30days in Nigeria? Even if u go to open a new account in bank, they tie it to one of their marketers as the account officer and this is a credit to the marketer. Banks uses people money to trade yet a peanut interest that even if it comes. But are people not happy that others are getting liberated financially? this would stop stealing among people and improve the flow of cash among people. Long live MMM, Long live Nigeria. Together we would change the world

    1. I wouldn't be so aggressive against him; he was trying to make a political point in a racist society.If he wanted to make a political point he should have become a politician and not pretended to be a scnstiist.Aleo, anyone who tries to combat racism by fudging their data is actually feeding racism, because he makes it appear that the only way to combat racism is by lying.

  14. How they make 30%?
    Internet Traffic ( i.2million subscribers in Nigeria visit that site Once, twice or even Thrice daily. those of you that know how to calculate traffic dollars go to work. Last month we calculate over a 12omillion dollars alone.

  15. up mmm, higher you are and you will never fall, my friend is cruising his new venza that he bought from the profit he made from mmm, av joined the crew, I av 100% trust in mmm bcs I didn’t take my money to any office but given and receiving, bible says give and it will come back to you.

  16. MMM Global doesn’t collect money from you but what people do not know is that the 30% is paid from some1 else money. Nigerians are the one robbing themselves. For every 30% is paid from another person’s money and 10% is paid to d person who introduce d person which is the more reason the money can never be complete and if d pple rendering help is coming in with less cash or the number reduces, MMM will crash and dat is why they are using all means to ensure people join and if you want to join they ensure you drop a lot of money. Everything na YAHOO PLUS,keep robbing yourself. Let nobody deceive you. MMM is not the one paying you,u are collecting 30% from another person’s money.

  17. I pray that mmm will last longer, cos mmm has done a great things for people, mmm is real long live mmm, together we change the world

  18. My people my friend mmm will help us to eradicate poverty among us especially the youth all the romour of these are from people who have share in bank. Had nig build a forum like this poverty will never catach us up up up mmm for nig government.

  19. Well I believe in mmm before,but now I’m getting worried cos old participants can’t get help on their money after they hav paid,its referring them to write letter of happiness,and the system is faulty that it won’t allow u to write letter of happiness and without that u can’t get help on ur money and mmm reply via support that their system is being worked on to rectify that by their specialist and it going to 3weeks now can’t make withdrawal so a lot of people dnt knw this until they want to get help.if u collect money today letter of happiness won’t comeup for u to write so when u play after then and pay when its time for withdrawal it won’t be possible it will direct u to write letter of happiness first and they didn’t allow it to work so they claim they re working on their system still waiting

  20. So my 400k is still trapped waiting till they rectify their system,its working for first timers now and old participants who wrote letter of happiness before sis issue cameup,u can go on ur mmm profile now click on ur letter of happiness is not working ,so I pray mmm solve sis issue ontime

  21. please my dear Nigerian if you want to remain poor, is just simple…stop taking risk and remain were you are.
    why are you busy discouraging people that want to take it.you always want to play it safe then get ready to remain were you are,but remember that ……..no guts no glory…….
    As for me i have a plan and God brought the MMM opportunity as manna from heaven and who am i not to benefit from it. is a pity that fear has made some people blind,and out of the negative conceptions in their mind, they comment negatively on the manna that is made free for then.

  22. I am yet to join mmm, but surely it is helping many Nigerians. I will join this month ending but with something like 250k. I want to benefit also from mmm. God bless mmm Nigeria God bless Mavrodi.

  23. fast money, fast life, fast death. Be warned, this scheme is all about “Peter taking Paul’s money, Paul taking from Segun and so on…..poverty has led many to this…. keep collecting your brothers and sisters money in the name of MMM, but remember, when you will pay back with your life and your children future, dont say God hate you. What ever you sow, you will reap

  24. I went to mmm Zimbabwe site n I find it still functional….same for SA…with new testimonials. And according to mmm they r in 118 countries this shows that its working n real…the only bane to its success at least in Nigeria ll b the media. But still we ve to tread wt caution n nt b greedy….give only what ll not cost u ur sleep wen d unthinkable or thinkable happens…

  25. Mmm is indeed solving a lot of financial hardship,what the government can’t not do.now in today news, 33states can’t pay their salary, and d workers whom manage to c dem self try Mmm,are bin told to c mmm as scam.niger wen will u stop bin fool by dis criminal dat call demself financial analist,web dey can even analise ,abt their own wife to cook a pot of soup.up up mmm …….long live mmmm.

  26. Well..it is said, play wisely,play with your less privileged cash, play with sense.
    It is safer to to safe, but most people are greedy and greediness lands trouble
    You see people turn the table around and gamble with every thing..who knows
    Best if it will crash or not.
    As said ,play with sense
    Peng wise pounce foolish..

  27. i have to attend to this matter my self, you know some people can be so demented seriously i have to say something about this, most people wonder where the bonus comes from, well its from the participants in the global, have you imagined how my people we have in mmm ofcause not. the number of people in mmm are huge so from their our mb is going to mmm because of the page they opened so they are making money there. after all they give you returns from what they have made.
    have u ever imagined how facebook, whatsapp, Instagram, tweeter etc how they became billionaires. all this people makes money through our mega bites we chat, watch videos and send send useless things online even many more at the end all this chatting networks does not pay rather you loose money everyday so i dont see the reason why mmm should be painted black name’
    what we see in this social media now are miserable and irritating posts all over the global forcing people to send videos, audios, pictures or messages saying we should send it to 20 people, even threatening us of losing our lives and jobs, then some will send out of fear tell me is that not a higher criminality?
    stupid bloggers will keep dying in criticism why i make my money.
    no wonder Damian Marley son of bob Marley said in his lyrics song titled patience, he said the social media all they know is to post the worst on display so the world can see thats what they can ever show.
    because all this low lives has seen that mmm is making more money than them they are jealous
    long live mmm na u biko;

  28. As long as MMM allows both the rich and poor to be involved for a mutual understanding of help to me that is fair. and so many lives will be changed. Its better to be responsible for our actions of getting involved than for the government to continue gambling our lives to their Favour. Everyone in MMM knows they are taking a risk because it is stated so. And with all Certainty this MMM risk is Worth taking at this Time of economic recession. Whoever is Writing against This should weigh his or her Conscience

  29. The only way MMM Nigeria will crash is for instance if we can have a group of 1,000,000 people who say we are not making donations, which is practically impossible. Because for you to be a member of MMM you must first Donate help before you can ask for help. It will be impossible to stop. Even the web site is on the cloud. But whatever happen lets enjoy it while its last. All we need do is to trade with caution. Long live MMM Nigeria.

  30. how many of our leader knows how to recite the NATIONAL ANTHEM? Yet we are serving our father land, how many of the youth can still afford a bag of rice? on like before, Has the Government of this country ever wake up one day and say hello NIGERIANS, how was your night! HAVE YOU ALL EATEN TODAY? listen, we have been taking risk in this country with sacrifices, listen the Federal Government, Security of Agency and the CBN, the 30% MMM is giving to participant monthly and other bonuses is a CHARITY of sacrifices i know some of our rich men do not know what the world of charity is, when you deny yourself totally to comfort your neigbour that is why MMM is giving dose bonuses.
    beloved Nigerians Lets come together as a community and Pray for MMM for God to give it more strength and divine wisdom so that it can last and every body can benefit rather than frustrating participant to get heartattack. God is using MMM to liberate the youth against the financial crises of this country like as he has promise the ISRAELITE using MOSES. MMM you will stay and share our problems in JESUS NAME.

  31. As long as I can I will try to convvince more people to join MMM. I don’t have much to invest in it for now but I will continue to pray for them and hopes this continues for a very long time. In my 30yrs I have been born, lived and grew in this country I have never experienced any good thing from my leaders or stupid govt. But this so called PONZI scheme came to my country and became a messiah which has been transforming so many lives in this period of hardship and pain we are passing through. No light. Pure water 15naira, derica rubber rice 300 naira, fuel 150 to 200 per litre, workers salary not paid, even those paid remain stagnant despite the inflation, many have loose their jobs in the current recession and the frustrated ones are taking their own lives but MMM came in out of no where to savage the situation. Now tell me had it not been MMM what would have been happening to common Nigerians by now? It’s a food for thought. While the good for nothing bloggers should continue to post their last days on earth cos he that fights against God’s children fight with with God himself and the wrath of God shall surely descend upon him amen

  32. This mmm thin is ponzi scheme period! The choice to invest or not is yours and altimate result is yours also! It is 419!!!

  33. This is to officially announce to all MMM members around the world that we are currently updating our website for 50% upgrade that will lead to 2017. We are sorry for the inconveniences, for more information call MMM help center with the following number +2348158826526 or email us at invite.mmmhelpcenter@gmail.com. Thanks for your understanding.

  34. please can someone tel me that or can we still have hope for sure that MMM is till coming back and MMM in South Africa is still work till now?

  35. that MMM will crash is a figment of your imagination. MMM will win election in Nigeria, the day they decide to run..i bet you. No party or politician has done for the people in 56 years, what MMM has done for the masses in 10 months. As for the risk…story…..Enjoy the risk, enjoy the fruits!

  36. Banks have had holidays, companies have been short down for some time, shops have open time and closed time on daily bases and especially during the Xmas period. All of these would have never began again if such panic MMM is facing now was to be felt in there operation and beside the above mentioned human services esterblishment do not operate on the same daily working hours as MMM do, yet they observe holidays for no significant reason, I think MMM has given a justified one. Mind you people depend on Banks, shops, and others to survive at all time in return they function because they need people too, so does MMM look up to you for survival. Come to think of this, I believemore than 1,000,000 person were disappointed by some banks during this period and they have gone back to does banks on there resumption dates, not only to withdrawal but to deposit as well. don’t fail to invest (confidently) as soon as MMM comes back again I encourage you to or else Nigeria will still see Many Mocking Moments (mmm) of hunger as a nation ‘that na still mmm’.

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