‘Unshaken By Bad Publicity? MMM Nigeria Begins Aggressive Promotion


Just as the news of its collapse in Zimbabwe was widely circulated across local and international media within outside Africa, MMM Nigeria has started an aggressive recruitment promotion to get new members.

In its usual way of promising its members ‘heaven and earth’, the promo promises all new members who heed its call “1000-Naira gift for every newly registered”

The promo information posted on its: mmm-nigeria.net read thus:

MMM Nigeria announces a new promo. Every person who will register in MMM in the period from September 26 up to October 1 will be awarded 1000 Mavro-Naira as a gift. No need even to provide help to receive this gift: a person just needs to sign up in the Community during this period and add his/her bank account details in the Personal Office. After a while the amount of 1000 Mavro-NGN will be automatically awarded to his/her PO account.

The purpose of the offer is to give each registered person an opportunity to get help from another MMM member instantly after registration, and make sure that MMM works and people really help each other here.

Dear members! Use this promo and invite all your friends, acquaintances, colleagues, who are not MMM members yet, to join our Community!

When you invite people to join the Community, don’t forget to tell them about MMM ideology. The goal of MMM is NOT to assist anyone to get richer quickly. MMM creates a platform through which people help each other directly. And finally, with MMM people can build a society with no segregation: where all people will have equal opportunities, regardless of where they live, what their status is, and who their relatives or their friends are!

Invite people to MMM and spread its ideas!

P. S. Remember that each participant can register only one account in MMM. Multiple accounts are easily detected and by the Control and Revision Office (CRO) and participants get penalized. Get more details in Recommendations on Safe Participation.

The fact MMM Nigeria will start a promotion the same day it is gathering negative publicity if confusing.

It brings forth many questions. Are the operators of MMM Nigeria using the promotion as a launch-pad by setting out for the final onslaught to ‘cash-out’ quickly before things go haywire?

Many MMM members in Nigeria are already jittery preempting the imminent collapse of MMM Nigeria as a result of its collapse in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

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