MMM Zimbabwe Has Finally Collapsed!

catastrophe bond

After weeks of silence from MMM East Africa, the faith about MMM Zimbabwe is finally collapsed and its fate been sealed. We can now confirm that MMM Zimbabwe has shut its operations.

Since the 5th of September when the admin put out a message calling for calm, the admin has not made any other statement as to its promise that freezing of Mavros will end on the 15th of September. See the statement below:


Dear participants!

We are glad to inform you that from now on, all the types of Mavro freezing are COMPLETELY CANCELLED – both the freezing of bonus Mavro (except Registration Bonus and Bonus for Testimonial Video) and the freezing of the contribution itself! Your bonuses and contributions are available for withdrawal instantly upon confirmation.

Things are going so well in the System that there is no need in Mavro freezing any more.

Yours sincerely,

Together we change the world!

The news is finally out today the the Ponzi Scheme has shut its services. It would be recalled that Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe and the Nigerian Securities and Exchange Commission have both warned all their citizens to stay away from MMM and other Ponzi Schemes.

EcoCash, the mobile money company processing transfer among MMM Zimbabwe members has also distanced itself from the scheme saying:

“We advise our valued customers and all stakeholders that Ecocash is a licensed mobile payment platform that enables customers to make financial transactions such as sending money, buying prepaid airtime as well as paying for goods and services within the confines of the law of Zimbabwe. EcoCash promotes safe and legal transactions but will not be held liable for any losses arising from the use of EcoCash to engage in illegal activities such as Ponzi schemes.”

MMM Nigeria currently has over 500,000 people. The collapse of MMM Zimbabwe might spark panic amongst its members who might start requesting for help and stop providing help.

Only time will tell!