Vida Lista Is A ‘SMART Farming’ Pyramid Scheme

vida lista

Vida Lista is another pyramid scheme that might become popular should its owners use aggressive marketing tactics like that of MMM and Helping Hands.

On its about us page, the scheme described itself as “a unique and purpose-driven multinational Organisation with an objective to impact humanity through the dispensing of resourceful management knowledge and the provision of highly profitable and secured financial platforms aimed at empowering people with the sole aim of making success out of people, giving them financial independence, for the advancement of mankind”

While the scheme did not state when it was founded, it claimed that “Since inception, Vida Lista has been a hallmark of helping members to fast-drive their career plan and provides them the opportunity to start-up or expand their existing businesses via a well-grounded financial experience, thus empowering them to become custodians of global excellence and world-class business owners”.

Vida Lista claimed that is “reputed for profuse expertise in professional “smarting” and smartness in fundraising for businessmen, farmers, students, etc. thereby producing great millionaires in a smart way”.

Product and services

Vida Lista promotes itself as a multi level marketing organisation. It is focused on providing agricultural training and consulting as its services.

The scheme highlights the aim of its training programmes as:

To facilitate personal and professional development in members
To give career guidance to members
To facilitate communication, leveraging and team relationship
To improve the quality of team spirit in the corporate world.
To provide opportunities for members to access quick funds within a short period of time.
To acquaint members with a whole new kind of fresh business knowledge and empower them with smart choices in Agricultural chain businesses, vertical sack farming and Organic Home Garden.

However, Vida Lista’s model gets more confusing when you get to its compensation plan. Instead of rewarding members for perhaps their profit from the proceeds of farming even the training fees collected, Vida Lista seems to have a compensation plan that says the opposite what it claims to be.

Source: Vida Lista

Compensation Plan

Its compensation plan is a typical pyramid structure that negates its initial pitch of empowering people through agriculture training and investment.

For any member joining the scheme, they are required to be referred by someone. A new member is expected to:

  • The signup fee is NGN3,000 approximately USD10
  • Bring in two four people using their unique referral link or enjoy spill over of three other people introduced by one person in s/he’s down line
  • With this, the new member will earn a referral bonus of NGN740 per new member making a total of NGN3,000 earn on all four members referred.

Stage one of the pyramid earns its members, ‘Ensign’ title but they must have accumulated a second generation of multiple downlines. The scheme promised Ensign members a total of NGN40,000 in aggregate income and smartphone (no brand name and or model stated).

Vida Lista

After fulfilling all the requirements, members can then be eligible for free training on ‘SMART farming’.

Vida Lista

By stage two, members of the scheme would have earned more commissions that will make them become ‘Lieutenants’. The pyramid scheme promised its members to earn NGN750,000 and Tablet computer (the brand name and or model is not stated).

What makes Vida Lista more of a pyramid scheme than a farming focused MLM is that stage three of the scheme does not focus on members making money from farms they have set up. At stage three, members are promised a total earning of NGN2,5 million plus a generator (no mention of capacity, brand or model)

Vida Lista

Stage four of the scheme also stressed on the financial benefits of eamings spilling over from 2nd and 3rd of generations up to a total of NGN10 million plus child support up to NGN250,000 (it is not stated if this is only for a child or per child)

Vida Lista


Since Vida Lista did not state who owns the scheme or the organisation behind it, it is a red flag. While the scheme listed its address as: A kenneth Agbakuru street off Wole Ariyo street, Lekki scheme 1, Lagos, there is the need for people to know who is behind it and their experience in MLM.

Another confusion is that the scheme is called Vida Lista, but its domain name is and its footer name is ‘’. The disparity is also a red flag based on previous experience in pyramid schemes.

Also, Vida Lista is not focusing on what it says is its core, therefore it compensation plan shows it is a pyramid scheme. Its promise to train members on ‘SMART farming’ is not properly represented in its model.