Lagos Cable Car USD275 Million Project Kicks Off

cable car

After three years of its celebrated announcement, work has finally started on the Lagos Cable Car project.

According to its owners, when completed the cable car route will start from Ijora to Apapa and Victoria Island. The cable car project will use Adeniji Adele as its central hub.

When completed, the project would have cost its owners about USD275 million. Dayo Mobereola, the Lagos Commissioner for transportation told Guardian Newspaper “The Lagos cable car project is on course.

He added that “It is privately driven and the private sector need to get all the permits, on the side of Lagos, we have given them all the necessary permit, they are talking to the federal government to get some level of guarantees and we have assisted them to write to the federal government. They have taken the advantage by starting to build from the Iddo side of Lagos.”

Mobereola said by the time the cable car project is launched, Upon completion, there will be eight stations in three routes, in order to handle the estimated 240,000 trips daily.

Captain Dapo Olumide, is the CEO of Ropeways Transport Limited, the company behind the project. In 2013 when the project was announced, Dapo said:

“Presently, there is need to ameliorate the existing congestion on the three bridges connecting Lagos Mainland to Lagos Island and to provide a link between Apapa and the Central Business District on Lagos Island, and also to link Victoria Island with the Central Business District of Lagos Island. These are what we hope to achieve with the launch of the cable transit system.”

It is not clear how the company raised its capital for the project. On its website, the company described itself as “A Special Purpose Vehicle that seeks to deploy a Mass Urban Cable Propelled Transit system in the Lagos Metropolitan Area Called the ‘Lagos Sky Bus’.

The company has foreign partners, such as Doppelmayr, Garaventa Group and ILF. According to Ropeways’s disclosure, has built over 14,500 cable car installations for customers in over 88 nations. While ILF is the engineering partner on the project.

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