Naija Help Givers Restarts, Switches To New Domain

Naija Help Givers Restarts, Switches To New Domain

After its unpublicised collapse, Naija Help Givers, a Ponzi Scheme micmicking MMM Global, formally operating under the domain name has restarted with a new domain

The new domain name is now It is unclear why the Ponzi Scheme will abandon its original domain name for another one, but is former members are claiming linked its to its collapse.

Last week, one  Ryan Moore had written to all its members and prospective members of the Ponzi Scheme that the site was under serious maintenance.

Some former members of the scheme who lost their funds told PageOne Startup desk that the Naija Help Givers has collapse and that the maintenance notice is just a ruse.

A visit to the former site will direct all visitors to the new domain. Naija Help Givers is a faceless Ponzi Scheme and no one know who owns and or run it.

Naija Help

The domain name is set to private and it is a red flag when a supposed multilevel scheme hides its identity, everyone should be careful to deal with them.