Doctor Nordi Is Nigeria’s First Digital Adviser On Fertility

Doctor Nordi

Have you heard about Doctor. Nordi? He is Nigeria’s first fertility adviser on digital media. He is a tech-savvy doctor who talks about fertility in a lay-man’s language.

Infertility has become a global problem. Many people with infertility issues are constrained by cultural, social and belief systems to seek for help in appropriate manner.

Doctor Nordi will be a passionate helper to anyone who has questions on infertility in women and men.

Leveraging his blog – and social media platforms, Dr. Nordi exposes the threats and dangers of lifestyle to fertility. In a quest to assist couples willing to conceive, Dr. Nordi seeks to enlighten them on ways to achieve their goal.

In his day to day communication, Doctor Nordi will use easy, humorous and simple language to inform the public on fertility risks, importance of Assisted Reproductive Technology and also debunking common fertility myths which have ruled our world today.

Doctor Nordi ventured into fertility advisory after he found out that people generally do not talk about their fertility challenges especially couples and young adults facing this serious problem which has cause marital failure, depression, separation and condemnation of different sorts.

In the course of research, he also found that the fertility Centres are not allowed to publicly advertise their services which could be of help to the fertility challenged couples, although they have communicated in all the ways and means they can to the Target Audience, thus the need for the creation of the Dr. Nordi site. The site aims at communicating to fertility challenged couples and young people in simple English different medical jargons, treatment options and real life articles that they can relate with.

Doctor Nordi will be saying everything that will assist, guide and help couples having fertility issues. His conversation will extend from his blog to BBM, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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