Helping Hands International Re-opens Site After An ‘Upgrade’

helping Hands

Helping Hands International, one of the most popular Pyramid Schemes in Nigeria has finally reopened its website after the site was shut down for a long’upgrade.

You could notice that the word ‘upgrade’ is put in quote because most Pyramid schemes/Ponzi Schemes often claim they are upgrading their sites whenever they are about to collapse of they cannot meet up with their payment schedules to members.

In a notice made available on Helping Hand International’s website, the ‘company said:

“Dear Partner, We thank you so much for your deep understanding, faith and great patience. We have upgraded our software to a more advanced and user-friendly one and do hope that you will appreciate the effort so far.
Note: Though much have been achieved, this is just the beginning of the great plan we have towards you. We are still on transition. Expect our new plan and world class website with all the functionalities/features you have ever dreamt of by the end of September. For now, kindly login and experience your new platform.
Thank you for standing by us in time like this. Your patience has finally paid off. We truly appreciate you!

It is not clear at the moment whether Helping Hands is having payment issues. PageOne Startup desk will keep tabs on them.

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