Before MMM Nigeria Crashes, Naija Help Givers, Another Ponzi Scheme Is Dead

Naija Help Givers

For many people who have been following our stories on MMM, MMM United and Ponzi Schemes in general, the name Naija Help Givers might sound strange. Naija Help Givers, another Ponzi fraud that operated on the domain name: has collapsed.

However, Naija Help Givers has also towed the usual narrative of Ponzi Schemes. The company in a series of emails to its members attributed the shutdown of its service to website upgrade. In a statement issued on behalf of the company by one Ryan Moore, he said:


Dear Members,
We want to appreciate you for your patient and understanding.The makings of rocket and software are alike. It takes planning and many weeks, probably years to finish.However, when they are completed and tested it would be smooth sailing. During  testing everything might be destroyed; they have to go to the drawing board and look at where the problem is. This might draw the project back by few months or days.

Recently Mark Elon SpaceX rocket was destroyed during testing. It affected a lot of other projects; The destroyed rocket was meant to have taken a satellite into orbit that Facebook (FB, Tech30) planned to use to bring internet access to Africa, the Middle East and Europe.  Elon and Zukcerberg did not lose hope. They are back on the drawing board again.

Why I am saying this? Helpsgivers new software was not destroyed and won’t take us back years to fix like spacex. It will take days to fix, but the exact days we cannot promise. That is why we have employed more hands to make sure PH and GH are going non stop.

Please bear with us and be patience, we have more than seven developers in Indian working on it. They told us they were also working remotely with two partners one in China and the other Israel.

The earlier we have the new software working is more advantageous to us than even to you our members.

We will have a rest of mind, and the automation will let us pursue other projects.

Please don’t panic or loose hope, everything is going to be alright.

Please know HelpGivers is here to stay and we believe in our course to see every member financially independent.

Let us keep building our lovely community together!

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

Best Regards,

Ryan Moore
The HelpGivers Community!

Naija Help Givers promised its members that it will be back in operations any time soon, but its is not likely to resurrect. A former member of the scheme told PageOne Startup reporter that the company is already gone and that it might create another name and act as if it never knew anything about its former self.

Just like many Ponzi Schemes, that end up collapsing, Naija Help Givers was sure to collapse as its promise of 50% return on investment per month is not realistic.

Last week, we reported that MMM Zimbabwe cancelled withdrawals, slashing invested funds by old members by 80%. The SEC has also warned Nigerians to stay away from MMM. The company has over 500,000 members till date.

22 thoughts on “Before MMM Nigeria Crashes, Naija Help Givers, Another Ponzi Scheme Is Dead

  1. Sec is warning against mmm, what have they done about those stock brokers registered under them that have been reported to them about collecting deposits from investors and unable to return the money to the investors, there’s a particular company whose investors are crying day and night and sec is aware but has done nothing since last year. It is well with naija

  2. If MMM is a scam or ponzi scheme then I will rather believe in it than to believe in a government with no plans for its people. MMM is genuine and its not a fraud. Stop spreading wrong info thereby deceiving the masses. You should go look for something better to talk about than to spoil what others have put in place to help others. If I may ask you, How do u think a system that does not have a central account where people pay money into can eventually run away with the peoples money? The free will donation in MMM is done directly between members. Please do your research properly before you say anything about anything.
    Have a wonderful and repentance day.

  3. I rather choose to lose my money trying to make more income through mmm dan relying on government 2 give room 4 job 2 increase my income which might neva come… Mmm can neva fold it’s btw individuals u and i

  4. MMM doesn’t need a central account to defraud its participants, all the need is time to make the business look legit and enticing so as to attract more new participants into the system and then use all this time to provide themselves with several Nigeria bank accounts with many fraudulent Nigerians unknown to participants whom they will promise huge share of money in order to diverse the masses money. When they finally got their estimated target (number of participants needed), all needs do is marge the PH participants with these account as GH, and millions will be diverted into this accounts, thereby leaving people empty-handed.

  5. Some ppl ar just jobless I personally use MMM ND naija help givers…. MMM cannot defraud u of ur money Becos Dere is no central acc same wit naija help givers d only difference BTW MMM ND Naija help givers is d percentage income per month which is 30:100 dese 2 ar very legit d only p now is dat help givers ar having a site maintanace issue which Dey ar currently solving ND dey made sure dat no matter d p deir site has ppl can still PH ND GH.. . stop all dese crap u guys ar saying here… U all knw d truth am sure u guys ar secretly members of MMM ND naija help givers

  6. Please can you find more important thing to do with your life than creating panic, fear and hopelessness in people. MMM has been consistent for almost a year in Nigeria, two years in South Africa, Several years in Philippine, Belgium and other countries. which other facts do you need about MMM. participant are being empowered daily. So if you can beat them, then join them…..smiles

  7. MMM is legit o brother……. do not have a criminal mind, what amount of money do u think u can give to Sergey mavrodi? he doesn’t need our money…. because he has a good heart and mind u….do u know JJ ow many people access his sites daily? Infact y are u even having headache sef? Is it ur money? Help giver defraud u? Lier, when u finally got help u didn’t come back to say because ur little money was delayed here u are making noises

  8. Whether anybody like it or not, MMM is legit. Looking at the way things are increasing at a rapid speed, u don’t expect anybody to fold his hands and allow this investment opportunity to pass him by. Infact God loves us so much, that is why in this stage of CHANGE he gave us MMM. The government kwa don’t care if people are dying of hunger or not because it doesn’t affect them AT ALL. So, for those who said that MMM is scam, a word of advise to you, PLEASE do not interrupt those doing it. We must fight this wicked and heartless CHANGE that is causing havoc in

  9. MMM is real. It didn’t crackdown in Zimbabwe. It was the percentage interest that was reduced just like it is being operated in Nigeria right now. At first the Zimbabweans got angry/panic and started writing negative stuffs. But right now they have resumed back again. MMM is still on there even in South Africa. So pls stop giving the general public a negative impression even if you are not interested. It was the critics that were discouraging me before I decided to risk it by joining this program since nothing is working in Nigeria right now. What did I get in return? Thousands of money rolling into my account every month!!! So far so good I have not regretted my action lol.

  10. MMM, Abeg, carry go…… No amount of criticism will change the mind of the benefactors like me. Whether or not it crashes o!, I will continue to invest millions cuz I know huge rewards await me. MMM, Together We Change Our World of POVERTY!!!

  11. MMM does not have central account and the only way MMM can crash is when people stop providing help but as it stand now, those received help are putting more to provide help , MMM is digital isusu

  12. Mmm na d way ohh.. All this Nigerians who are doing or are participating in mmm and are here writing blasphemy, there is God oo…. MMM IS in fact the best thing to have happed to this country. Even our so called leaders can testify to this but just that they are filled with deceit and will never want the citizens of this country to be happy, God will judge them. MMM am loyal. Hu 9ja government don elp…?

  13. i think you guys called ur self help givers u should stop saying rubbish about mmm nd find something else doing,rather than creating unnecessary fear to nigerians.mmm has change people’s lives,in which i am one of them.pls,leave us alone,long life mmmmmmmmmmmm

  14. What alternative advice one page provided as a better option, if not that they or he has nothing valuable to offer except to generate traffic and popularity to themselves or himself.

  15. naijahelpsgivers defrauded me of #90,000. i have been confused for almost a month now. who is incharge of this post, pls tell me how to report this issue. i need my money back. this is my number (07081388661)

  16. I complained yesterday about naijahelpsgivers defrauding me of my #90,000 by not paying me on d right day after i provided help and uploaded my POP. While i was having patience my details in my PO was entirely wiped out later.
    Today is a month and 10days since i registered (40 days), but no sign of anything. this is fraud and wickedness, naijahelpsgivers.
    I have even written to the admin up to three times but no reply.
    Pls, the person incharge of this post or any other person can help direct me on what to do.
    This is my number

  17. Please throw more light on I need to know before I make a major mistake.. That can drown a country…. Thanks

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