Meet MMM United, MMM Global’s Splinter Ponzi Scheme

MMm empire

You have heard about MMM Global and MMM in several other countries. Have you hear about MMM United? Yes there is MMM United and it is just a clone of MMM Global with a ‘but’.

MMM United, using the domain-, was founded on the 11th of August, 2016. The group claims they get their inspiration from MMM Global founder, Sergei Mavrodi.

MMM United also claims that they are a collection and congregation of former and existing MMM Global members from various countries where MMM has and it is still gaining popularity. The group claim to have ‘Admins’ a supposed central organisation that coordinates its activities just like the way MMM itself functions.#

However, a striking difference between MMM global and MMM United is that as opposed to a more assertive system by MMM Global, MMM United tend to tow a more liberal and emotive approach in the way and manner it crafts its pitch messages on its website.

Without sounding offensive to MMM, the group portrayed itself like a reformist saying its ”The International community of Mavrodians is looking for a reliable, stable system with a promising future. The main goal of MMM United is to unite global leadership to erect an ideal system that can fulfill this mass requirement”. This kind of connotes that certain elements within MMM’s structured actually pulled resources together to establish the group.

MMM United
Logo of MMM United mimicks MMM Global’s logo with a touch of red

Apart from making it clear it does not arrogate control over members, the group tried greatly to shift attention away from its and addressed members and prospects directly

”But we as the Admins are not important. YOU as a participant are important. You are the one who goes into the battlefield and get things done. We salute every single comrade fighting for this cause in spite of negative and skeptical environment about MMM after MMM Global’s shutdown”.

”Protect yourself; take good care of your people. Because YOU sir, are the only one we got. You are our ambassador of change. You are the only hope left for the worldwide MMM community and for the entire humanity. YOU ARE IMPORTANT !!”

In crafting its ideaology, MMM United is exactly saying the same thing with MMM Global. Its ideology begins with the demonisation of the world and the conventional banking system and how it is ‘Evil. It is heartless, imbalanced and unreasonable’. As a result of this ‘A new, fair and just financial system has to be established!’. This is exactly a copy and paste job done by the team to replicate just what MMM United stand for.

The solution begins and ends with MMM United ‘ A Worldwide Mutual Aid Fund, a Financial Social Network, or you can equally call it a World People’s Bank’.This is exactly what MMM also stand for.

The scheme promises exactly the same thing MMM Global. BehindMLM simplifies its proposition as:

The MMM United compensation plan sees affiliates invest funds through bitcoin, on the promise of a perpetual 100% a month ROI.

Referral commissions on funds invested by recruited affiliates are paid out via a unilevel compensation structure.

A unilevel compensation structure places an affiliate at the top of a unilevel team, with every personally recruited affiliate placed directly under them.

There are no names of people behind MMM United, a red flag for anyone who knows what to look out for in a Ponzi Scheme. Superficially, anyone can conclude that with no product or service to sell to or among members, MMM United is just another Ponzi Scheme inspired by MMM Global.

However there is a big BUT!

What is more disturbing about the rise of another MMM cell is that, such group might end up causing more problem than its parent company. Key questions that should be asked includes

*Is there a rift between Sergei Mavrodi and his workers ‘Admins’ that led to the creation of MMM United?

*With which algorithm are they going to be running this Ponzi Scheme? Different or new?

*Could they have stolen the algorithm and source code for the system?

*Have they added anything to the code that allows them to manipulate the system in ways more than imagined?

*If MMM United basically offers the same thing as MMM Global, why must it float another group not linked to MMM by operations?

These are questions begging for answers.

For those with sense of history, a sanctimonious group such as this might just be a Trojan Horse laden with ‘explosives’, any dealing with this group must thread with caution.

19 thoughts on “Meet MMM United, MMM Global’s Splinter Ponzi Scheme

  1. Because of you guys and all these scam alert threat, I’ve missed out many months of participating in MMM and I regret not starting ever since.
    From my research MMM had been operating longer than I even thought and you guys warning about us being scammed have never shown us proof.
    Please stop scaring people away from doing what is good.

  2. i registered already but i dont know how the bitcoin system works. nor do i know how to gh or ph please enlighten me

  3. Any one looking to register with MMMUNITED and would like some coaching on the process, please fell free to sign UP. The program is real !

  4. I am highly elated with MMM united formation. The system actually alleviates poverty in the society. I will like to know what is the maximum Bitcoin that can be used to provide help.

  5. Complete and utter nonsense.
    This was said of MMM Nigeria and we wax stronger every blessed day. MMM Nigeria helped us out with 30% interest when our constitutional government abandoned us to a recession. Now MMM united is giving us 100%, why delay till all your peers are already millionaires from the system?
    The fractional reserve banking system is the Ponzi scheme, paying withdrawals from the money of depositors, giving out HUGE loans when they only have a tiny amount of cash in reserve. That is why the banks regularly crash, and they say financial crisis, utter RUBBISH.
    In MMM united we have a system where people help each other from all corners of the globe, freely without restrictions. Whatever country you come from I say WELCOME the link is there, let me help you help yourself for we are all ONE. The human RACE the human FAMILY I can BOLDLY say that MMM united shall OVERCOME!!
    I am always ready to help, we don’t need high faulting posts we need ACTION. Here is a link, anybody that wants to REGISTER should register, if you know you need to take your financial future to the higher ground follow it. Just test for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.

    Remember: Fortune favours the BOLD

  6. Some persons still believe in the *Old order* of working hard to become comfortable in life. The *New Order* requires working smart to get ahead. Digital currency is replacing Fiat money. Do you know that 1 Bitcoin is approximately $700 ? And when you convert $700 to naira at the prevailing exchange rate you worth more #300,000 ? The world is moving so fast and if you are not a sprinter you cannot catch up with the trend.

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    See this:

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    11th Month: $204,800
    12th Month: $409,600. calculate @ N450. you just hit a JACKPOT…WITH MMMUNITED


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  7. mmm united is just 3 months and some days unlike mmm global. The 100% bonus of the capital sounds somehow. Don’t you think this may even make it not to work in Nigeria where any way to set the poor free financially is illegal by the government and the rich.

  8. After I had invested 100USD, Do I need to putting the money back every month in other to move up or can I just put my money there and be expecting it to double in the following month and every month?

  9. please my name is JOHN BASSEY, am a participant of both MMM Nigeria, and MMM United. But now tension is every were regarding the frozen of account in MMM Nigeria. and now the rumour around is MMM as a hole has short down, is true that all MMM United account are also frozen as well? because that is the same question that the people that are about to participate in this scheme usually ask me. please I need an answer.

  10. Please I need somebody to respond to me clearly on the issue with MMM United. Rumours everywhere. Are we going to be matched and paid eventually?? My Mavro has not been growing since 24th December 2016 and matured on 8th of January 2017. I need real information people, its a matter of LIFE and DEATH as I write.

  11. try
    its 50% and it a marvelous scheme, a trier will proof you wrong or right.
    be in the millionaire of tomorrow.
    Long live Lendersgrid

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