MMM Zimbabwe Speaks Out, Calls For Calm

Mavro ICO

After stopping withdrawals, subsequently allowing it and slashing the value of deposits of members, MMM East Africa, operators of MMM Global Zimbabwe has released an official statemnt to its members.

The administrator stated that the freezing of withdrawals was stopped to reduce panic of members. However, the statement said the slashing of value of Mavros will persist till the 15th of September.

Mavros is the Ponzi currency used to value deposits of members. According to the statement, members who want to withdraw before 15th of September can only get 20% of their deposits. This is however confusing as MMM still allows new members to get 100% of their funds.

The decider day for MMM Global Zimbabwe is the 15th of September when its supposed crashing of the Mavro is expected to be rescinded. The Ponzi Scheme might however see a flurry of withdrawals that could lead to the collapse of the scheme.

Dear participants!

First of all, we inform you about the immediate release of Mavros bought till August 10. The situation has become more stable so there’s no need to wait till September 15 and we can release Mavros now.

However, as the participants aren’t calm completely the early release will surely lead to the sharp increase in withdrawals that will put additional load on the system. It should be clearly understood. So, it’s necessary to take some stabilization measures in order to reduce the load.

That’s why, the discount rate has applied for Mavros bought till August 10. What does it mean? It means after GH request the participant won’t get the whole amount but the amount with this discount.

For this moment, the discount rate is 20% (0.2). For example, if the participant withdraws 50 Mavro-USD he will get 10 USD.

Once again we remind you once that this measure is temporary and required by the current situation. The discount rate can be changed or cancelled at any moment. In other words, the participants have a choice to get help instantly and get it with the discount or wait till the discount is cancelled for receiving the full amount. It’s up to you! Probably, you should wait. However, take into consideration that the rate can even be decreased (if the number of requests to GH will increase significantly).

The discount isn’t applied for Mavros bought after August 10. So, keep calm, keep on participating, providing help and inviting new members to MMM!

MMM paid before, pays now and will pay in the future! Together we are changing the world!

With hope for understanding,
MMM East Africa Administration


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  1. All your blackmails against MMM will not work. It is the repeated castigation from the government and people like you that is causing this kind of panic in MMM in Zimbabwe, Buy we will surmount all these and grow stronger AMD stronger

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