LXG: Legacy Serviced Offices To Unveil Board Of Directors

Steve Ferguson

In a bid to position the company as a converge of talents and a sustainable organisation, Legacy Serviced Offices, has hinted that it will be unveiling its board of directors.

In an exclusive scoop released to PageOne Startup team, Kayode Adegbola, Founder and CEO of Legacy Serviced Offices said plans are getting finalised for the public unveiling of the board of directors.

According to him, members of the board are seasoned professionals with global corporate and management credentials. Their wealth of experience will further bolster the strategic positioning of the company as a world class serviced office in Nigeria.

In an exclusive interview with PageOne, Kayode discussed at length the strategy of Legacy Serviced Offices saying “our success is hinged upon providing top-notch services both in terms of infrastructure and delivery, we ensure that we keep our facilities well-maintained, and our staff professional and well-trained. In addition, we place high importance on the design and functionality of our space. Our pricing and payment terms are also flexible.”

The company has decided to keep the names on the board to its chest as it ‘dot the i’s and cross the t’s’.

It will be interesting to see and review members of the company’s board given the importance of a such team in the life of any company.

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