Revelation: Ernest Mbanefo Owns MMM Nigeria

Earnest Mbanefo

This is a big revelation. Ernest Mbanefo, a Nigerian pastor (full name -Pastor Ernest Chigozie Mbanefo) based in South Africa registered and owns domain.

This is in contrast with the believe that Sergei Mavrodi owns all MMM sites across the world.

This is a revelation that will shock many MMM Nigeria members, a Ponzi Scheme that has about 509,021 members as at the time of writing this report.

A background check shows that Ernest Mbanefo with the address: 1 ROYAL STREET, LINDBERG PARK, JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA registered the domain on the 7th of June, 2016 (2016-06-07T17:01:12Z). He did a single year domain payment which means the domain will expire on 2017-06-07T17:01:12Z.

On the 15th of July, Ernest was awarded a certificate of completion of an online course titled ‘MMM Guiders School’. The certificate was supposedly signed by Sergei Mavrodi himself. He has since given himself the nickname the ‘Super Guider of MMM’.

To share news and information about MMM, Ernest also operates a subdomain ‘ The site praises him and projects him as the leader of the Ponzi Scheme in Nigeria. He is described as:

”MMM Nigeria Super Guider; Pastor Ernest Mbanefo, has been selflessly helping thousands of MMM Nigeria Participants whether or not they fall under his downline structure. The brain behind the MMM NIGERIA REVOLUTION operation has been working selflessly and tirelessly towards the education, information and proper guidance for the MMM Nigeria Community’

However, there was no mention on the website that he actually created MMM Nigeria and that he runs the ‘whole show’.

It is not clear if Ernest Mbanefo is just fronting for Sergei Mavrodi and or he paid for the franchise to run the Ponzi Scheme in Nigeria.

He is still a full time pastor in South Africa and runs a blog with the domain- ‘’. He founded Justified Youths and Singles Ministry in South Africa, a church-like ministry.

Earnest Mbanefo

On his blog, he writes about Christian relationships and articles tacitly supporting gay and lesbian pastors facing discrimination in South Africa.

Part of what fueled my suspicion to dig out the faces behind/owners of MMM Nigeria is the fact that the site installed Google AdSense banners. This is unethical for such an organisation that claims to help people fight poverty. Ernest and whoever owns are simply profiting from daily traffic of over 500,000 MMM members and new visitors to the site.

The Nigerian Securities and Exchange Commission, SEC had warned all Nigerians to stay away from MMM Nigeria. The commission said MMM Nigeria and its domain are not authorised by the commission and that anyone who deal with them will be liable themselves.

PageOne had reported yesterday that MMM Zimbabwe had frozen members accounts from withdrawal and wiped out about 80% of invested funds.

17 thoughts on “Revelation: Ernest Mbanefo Owns MMM Nigeria

  1. thats a very lie. the official site of MMM is not he only did a landing page with his referral link

  2. Chukwu Oriaku simply sounds like a hungry writer. Why not leave MMM participants with their headache if actually they have any? If u are not making profits writing this why are you writing it? Find yourself a work my brother… There are better edifying and motivating things to write about Nigeria. Do you expect MMM founder to be a computer specialist and a mathematican at the same time a web designer? The certificate given to Ernest is awarded to every other MMM participants that have passed MMM guider’s school. My advice is for you to mind your business or write what you can defend when sued.

  3. What utter nonsense. Another so-called journalist sowing doubt and fear in ignorant people’s minds. Whoever wrote this story probably got paid handsomely.

    People of Nigeria, listen; I was with Ernest in the same group of guiders’ school and can confirm that he cannot be the what he is accused to be. In fact, before he even graduated, MMM Nigeria was already running. Can a man ever father a child by only laying his eyes upon a woman? This entire story and accusation is ridiculous.

    Truth is, they (people of this journalist’s calibre) hate to see people succeed and beat the financial slavery system. They hate it. They will lies, plant stories and do whatever it takes to get people back into their plantation of lifetime slavery.

    Rebel and stand strong, people of Nigeria. We South Africans fell for their nonsense, refer to us as an example of what it is that they seek.

    Together we will stand and be victorious.

    Kind regards
    MMM Guider S.A

  4. Bad belle !!!where was the stupid SEC when Nigerians lost their money,because you have seen that the masses have become wise and are now gaining financial freedom through MMM Nigeria. I am proud to say MMM has changed my life,my rent,feeding and clothing is MMM. Leave Nigerians alone!!!! the more you pay hungry writers (Chukwu Oriaku) to write rubbish the more MMM community will increase in number. Go and read about MMM ideology,history,risks and rules. Everything is clearly stated on the website. When you are done click on the link to register >>>>

  5. We don’t know whose side of the story to believe. Business is all about risk, I will follow others to enjoy it first. For Zimbabwean incident, my case is different. If you share the same view with me shout Hallelujah!!!

  6. If u don’t no u asked instead of publishing rubbish mmm Nigeria is helping pple & notin we shake d system no matter how. What ever SEC like make then talk “who they help” for just short period mmm came into Nigeria it has help a lot of pple.
    If govt. could approve babaijebu, lotto etc that didn’t profit pple only to collect their money & give them notin, all bcos dy were paying tax, mmm is not a company, not a bank or investment, so where did they want mmm to get money to pay them, they are only talk bcos dy could not get some from mmm. Is a social financial network. We only help our self pls leave mmm alone & face ur work, bcos I believe it does not concern govt. If I lose or gain what did they care. Abeg SEC go and sit down & keep quite.
    My advice for them all is to Join the community bcos is helpful b4 it too late mmm 4 life, MMM PAY!!!

  7. Hello everyone.
    Abeg make them leave people wen dey fight good tthings coming to us.
    If you ready abeg read and join the reigning platform.
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  8. Chukwu Oriaku . it will not be well with you if it is confirmed that we are abusing the profession of journalism by feeding innocent Nigerian with lies. I am very worried about the company that gave you powers to published lies to deceive Nigerian. You said MMM Nigeria started in june 2016 by ernest. MMM nigeria started since last year 2015 even when ernest was not yet a guidance. Ask questions and do proper research on matters you do not know before publishing it. Your company and supervisor should also do their job and put a right staff to do the right job. Be fair and honest in your report.

  9. My own happiness is that all these negative write up only serve to popularize MMM it was when i read about the false rumor of how investors lost money in Zimbabwe that i became curious that how can people be so stupid to believe that there is an investment company that can give 30% return on investment within one month? but lo and behold when i did my own research i discover the truth for myself my only regret is i wish i knew about this earlier

  10. why Dont u ask more clearly about “MMM” rather than making open show of your simplicity here?
    or were u paid to do DAT?

  11. MMM is real and pays…. I was doubting before but when My Eyes opened I saw the LIGHT…. Please don’t allow anyone to confuse you about MMM.

  12. The way and manner you all are attacking the writer.. Can you please tell the mmm organisers or whatever they are called to update there records and spread up and pair people for payment.Nigerian’s are always problems to themselves.You scam people and refused to be scammed too but the person never had the intention to scam you.But because the spirit of scamming is deep rooted in got paired ,paid to and left the platform. Or rather gone to update website ,came back and started pairing in trickles. Forcing people to write testimonies if not they will be deleted.I’m not an mmm participant but I have friends and family there.At my work place they complain to me and I give them hope “that they will be paid one day” If only “Nigerians could have an attitude change ” Without questionable character why do a faceless business? I rest my case.

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