Iroko Partners Launches IrokoX, This Might Work Out Well


Iroko Partners has announced the launch of IrokoX, an entertainment platform where Nigerian content creators can create and monetise their content.

Jason Njoku, the founder of IrokoTV is finally putting his ‘money where his mouth is’.

Dissecting the basics of IrokoX, Oluchi Enuha, the General Manager IrokoX said the platform ”is setting out to provide for our continent’s creative pioneers, in order to capture and lead the fast-paced social media and online video market for the continent”.

She said ”Africa is brimming with creative talent, much of which is stifled by poor access to production facilities, or poor understanding of how to monetize content. With IrokoX’s considerable expertise in these areas, we are ideally positioned to support and develop thousands of amazing African and Africa-inspired content creators”.

She concluded that “We are now on the search for creative and influential personalities across all social media channels, who want to share their passions and talents online and scale their video views to an audience in its millions.”

IrokoX is an Iroko Partners company. Over the last five years, the company had tweaked its strategy from being on YouTube only to moving to its own website. The latter approach did not work well as the company had to lay off over 300 people in 2014.

The company had venture in TV last year when it launched IrokoWorld, a home video channel that shows only Nollywood films on StarTimes, a key competition to DSTV. Iroko Partners has also received funding of about USD35 million from Tiger Global and Kinnevik.

IrokoX might augur well for the company as its aims at getting its foothold. At least one of the major challenge of Nigerian content providers has been the ability and capability to make content that can appeal to a global audience and properly monetize it.

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