Here Is How To Access Real time Features Of Google Analytics While It Is Down

google analytics

Google analytics has become an indispensable dashboard for anyone who takes visit to their site seriously. The real time features of the site has been down since yesterday.

The real time features allows users to see how many users are on a site. However, it seems the feature is majorly down for desktop as because the feature still work on Android.

In a swift response, the Google Analytics, GA Team have responded with a workaround solution for anyone who want to see the real time action on their desktops.

Simply clear your cookies from your browser settings and or switch to an incognito version of your Chrome browser from the settings.

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Google Analytics has become the most popular web analytics tool in the world because it is not only free but very in-depth, simple to use and easy to scale.

In November 14, 2005, Google launched the product with little or no frills. Google Analytics has today risen from zero market share to nearly 90% as at last year.

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