These Are The Winners Of The 2016 Naspers Innovation Awards

Naspers Innovation

Naspers has announced winners of its 2016 Naspers Innovation Awards. The company’s CEO, Bob van Dijk, yesterday announced  during the company’s annual Global Summit in New York.

According to Naspers, the awards recognise the technology innovation and entrepreneurial spirit that benefits customers and drives Naspers’ growth. The Innovation Awards reward the best-in-class engineers across the group, while the Founder Award recognises the outstanding contribution a founder has made to the success of the Naspers Group.

Deepesh Naini from goibibo

  • Deepesh was recognised for his leading role in developing and launching differentiated, user-generated, content value propositions for goibibo. These include photo reviews ratings and ‘question and answer’ platforms.
  • The question-and-answer feature has helped goibibo to generate over 45,000 questions and 115,000 answers in less than six months. This has had a profound impact on the business, strengthening its network effects while driving the feedback loop into sellers which, in turn, has supported higher fulfillment.

Manoj Kumar from redBus

  • Manoj received his award in recognition of his innovative approach to help redBus reach record conversion rates.
  • By developing a new inventory and data platform, he has helped provide a scalable way for redBus to provide trustworthy and reliable services to buyers and sellers. Manoj built the platform to work at scale, delivering high booking success rates and enabling redBus to record real-time inventory data. This data supports bus operators and redBus to make real-time decisions. It also allows redBus to identify and seize opportunities to grow market share and has been developed into an analytics application for bus operators.

Pranah Jha Deb and his team from OLX India

  • Pranay and his team, including Prikshit Gupta, Mayank Agarwal, Raman Soni, Amit Pathak, Jatin Juneja, Vinay Airan and Jayesh Nair, were awarded for their dedication to improving customer engagement and retention for OLX.
  • The team built a flexible interface for the OLX app, enabling personalised content and an interface that provides a far better customer experience.

2016 Founder Award Winner
Fabricio Bloisi from Movile

  • Fabricio received this award in recognition of his efforts to transform his business from a mobile value-added, service driven, legacy business to a smartphone app-focused B2B and B2C operation.
  • Movile is a leading global company in the development of mobile content and commerce platforms. Millions of people use Movile apps across the world every day. Movile’s products for mobile phones, smartphones and tablets are designed to make people’s lives better and a lot more fun. In the B2B space, Movile delivers products, integrates transactions in M-Commerce, M-Payments and content distribution, quickly and with quality.

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