WSBI And ESBG Are Hosting Conference On SME Business


The World Savings and Retail Banking Institute, WSBI and the The European Savings and Retail Banking Group, ESBG are will be hosting International Summer Forum on leveraging SME Business.

The forum is will be a unique networking opportunity for senior-level bankers, the forum provides a unique platform for exchanging experiences with peers within the retail and savings banking sphere in Europe and worldwide.

Attendees will get insight on the latest best practices in retail banking and the latest updates on  regulatory and supervisory issues impacting the sector.

The forum will be taking place on the 15th to 16 of September, 2016 in Malaga, Spain.


The event targets executives at all levels of retail banking, personal banking, consumer banking, proximity banking, investment and international retail banking, including regulatory and compliance experts.


The 2016 Summer Forum aims to dig deeper into what savings and retail banks can do to adapt, and fast, to avoid a Kodak moment. The forum will highlight what SMEs want, how and what banks can remain top of mind with real economy businesses when they seek financing.  It will also delve into the most pressing areas where banks can place greater focus to better serve the SME segment.

Proposed topics

  1. Financial infrastructure and regulatory framework
  2. Segmentation to reach better customer centricity
  3. Make credits as easy as possible for businesses
  4. Digitization in order to optimize channels, respond to customers’ needs and increase cost effectiveness
  5. Value added services or new markets for high value products and services: the ‘e commerce’ services phenomenon
  6. Banks’ strategies to face new entrants and adapt to market change
  7. Banking strategies and tools to support the business development of SME clients
  8. Analysing the profitable revenue opportunity of SME’s

WSBI and ESBG are trade associations that help member savings and retail banks thrive, focus on servicing local communities and boost the small and medium-sized businesses that form the bedrock of the real economy.

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