Gilbert Chagoury, Owner Of Eko Atlantic In US Visa Row

Gilbert Chagoury, Owner Of Eko Atlantic In US Visa Row

There are media reports suggesting that Gilbert Chagoury, the Chairman of Eko Atlantic City, Eko Hotel and other conglomerates has been denied access into the United States of America.

The Los Angeles Times reported that Gilbert Chagoury was refused visa into the US last summer when he applied to travel into the country.

He is a major donor to the Clinton Foundation and he is said to have a home in Beverly Hills, California. The newspaper insinuated that he was denied visa on the grounds that he financially support a Lebanese politician, Michael Aoun.

The paper alledged that Michael Aoun is in a political coalition with links to Hezbollah, a terrorist group according to the US

According the Los Angeles Times, his business empire has interests in construction, real estate, property development and hotels.

He co-founded the Chagoury Group with his younger brother Ronald Chagoury in 1971. Gilbert and Ronald Chagoury founded C & C Construction in the late 1970s, which was the forerunner of Hitech and ITB.

The family has an estimated wealth of USD4.2 billion.