Olympic Saga, Like Kenya Like Nigeria

The entire saga relating to missing kits, poor travel and accommodation arrangements for the Olympics are the charges leveled against some members of the the National Olympic Committee of Kenya, a situation synonymous to what befell Nigeria.
Mr Francis Paul, the secretary-general of the National Olympics Committee of Kenya (Nock), Pius Ochieng, Nock’s vice chairman, and a third man, Stephen Soi, are being investigated for theft, abuse of office and neglect of duty as report on BBC.

Kenyan Athletes who were able to finish 15th overall having won a total of 13 medals which includes 6 golds, 6 silver and 1 Bronze, were abandoned after the closing ceremony of the games in Rio de Janeiro with no plan in place to move the athletes back to their home land.

According to reports, the Kenyan officials were searching for cheap flight while they monies have been allocated by the Government.

In the case of Nigeria, the country finished 78th, managed to secure just a Bronze medal won by the football team, the Olympic team’s kits arrived Brazil 3 days to the end of the games, issues regarding hotel bills incurred by additional officials in Sao Paulo, shoddy flight arrangements.

Logistics for the Olympic games was poor! But the Kenyan government through its sports ministry have decided to take the Bull by its horn. What has the Nigerian Government done to look into all of these embarrassing situations that emanated from the Olympics, nothing!

It is criminal to subject heroes to such treatments. However, while we yet look forward to 2020 Olympics or forthcoming world events, the lessons learnt from the RIO 2016 must be never be forgotten.

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