You Can Call Jangilova The Airbnb Of TV


Jangilova is a shared-service network that connects people to consume media contents such as movies, play video games, view football matches, news, TV programs.

The most interesting thing about the scene is the dynamism and freedom to play with ideas. Jangilova’s founders said their mission is to be Africa’s largest community driven hospitality company.

With a vision to disrupt the cinema going culture in Nigerian cities, Jangilova’s founders said  “if the Theaters inflate their prices, Consoles become expensive, Pay-TV subscriptions are exorbitantly high, you cannot access your favorite contents or you just want to hang out with cool people, Jangilova connects you with people or places around you who are willing to open their doors and watch with you”.

As a pointer that the service will not be free, founders said “Jangilova offers you the cheapest and most convenient ways to enjoy your free time without hassle around your city. The service also allow bars, viewing centers and other public places or ventures post exclusive listings that are screen-related. We envision a world made better by sharing and sharing made richer by connection”.

Source: Jangilova

How it all Started
Jangilova started in 2015 as a passion project by founders Richard Ogundiya and Tolu Yussuff.

Richard is a 300-level student of the University of Lagos while Tolu is a student of NIIT Lagos- both 19 years old. A little research gave birth to the idea that people anywhere would want to share their screens with friends they haven’t met.

Jangilova is supported by IDEA Nigeria and other experts within the Nigerian tech ecosystem.

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