Filmhouse Cinemas Opens New Screens At Adeniran Ogunsanya Mall

Filmhouse Cinemas, one of the major. cinema chains in Nigeria has just opened a new set of cinema screens at Adeniran Ogunsanya Mall, Surulere.

For more than three years, Filmhouse Cinemas only operated four screens at Leisure Mall, a medium-sized shopping mall beside Adeniran Ogunsanya Mall.

The decision to expand its screens to the mall can also be seen as an expedient decision to protect its base in Surulere from being challenged by a come competitor

The company has also started the construction of Nigeria’s first IMAX cinemas in Lekki.

Filmhouse has been bullish for many years now, increasing its footprints to over 10 cinemas across Nigeria.

Silver bird Cinemas its major competitor has tapered its expansion plans since it was taken over by the Asset Management Company of Nigeria, AMCON in June.

Genesis Deluxe another major investor in the category has also taken investment in its first cinema on Lagos Island.

As more shopping malls get completed in Lagos and across Nigeria, the competition amongst cinema companies will become more fierce, leading to price cuts.

The business of cinemas has seen a surge since the increase in the number of modern retail property popularly called shopping malls.

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