When Will Nigeria’s Olympic Dream End?


Nigeria is yet to be registered on the Rio 2016 Olympic medals table while countries like the USA take the lead, followed by Great Britain, Germany and Russia in that order.

In fact, the Women’s 4×100 relay team, and the U-23 men’s football team appears to be the only hope of winning a medal as the curtains fall.

It is worthy to note that the total number of medal Nigerian athletes have won in the Olympics in general is 23 most of which were picked from mostly in athletics and boxing. The men’s football team produced the famous gold medal in 1996 when they defeated Brazil. Other medals were from 4 × 400 meters relay team and Taekwondo.

Nigeria has lost quite a number of promising talents to nation in the name of ”greener pastures”, and it appears that the other side is still as green as ever following the recent bad treated meted out to this years’ contingents to Brazil. Surely, we want to end this trend but it does not seem like the sports ministry is thinking in this line. Therefore, we may lose more!

While we were thrilled with the performance of the American based Chierika Ukogu, it was a good revelation for the nation as it showed that if we support certain sports or sporting world would develop and compete favourably at any given event. We will not talk about preparations as this has been over flogged but, the question is, what have we learnt looking at the medals table thus far?

We must encourage our athletes who have showed some prospects in Brazil; Ese Brume Long Jump, Aruna Quadri in Table Tennis, Divine Oduduru in the 200m, Chierika Ukogu and many more others who pulled some wow performance, and not forgetting the football team in pole position to win a Bronze medal at least.

Kudos must go to all the athletes who have represented the nation at this year’s Olympic games in Brazil against all odds, but when are we going to get it right?

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