Richard Branson Urges Organizations to Hire Former Sports Persons

Richard Branson

After retirement from their different sporting careers, athletes are faced with testing and challenging decisions but founder of Virgin Group Sir Richard Branson has expressed optimism in athletes making great impact in the business world if employed.

The British business mogul believes that if given the opportunity, athletes will can contribute immensely to the growth of organizations with their common characteristics such as discipline, team work and and determination as professionals among others.

”The discipline and determination it takes to compete as a professional sportsperson is not unlike what it takes to be an entrepreneur, Branson said in his exposition on .

Come to think of it, sports persons usually have their eyes on the ultimate prize, and the kind of employees or business people you would like to deal with are highly-motivated individuals.

For employers, here a few reason why you should think of hiing the next retired athlete according to Branson:

1)  are goal driven and achievement orientated
2)  learn from failure, quickly
3) are always developing new skills
4)  take direction well
5)  work well with partners
6)  are resilient
7)  are strong communicators
8)  manage their time well
9)  have grit
10) know what it’s like to be part of a team

”A lot of things learned through sport are transferable into other aspects of life. I certainly found that the skills I’ve acquired playing tennis, kitesurfing and other sports have been beneficial to my business career, he concluded.

This is a huge challenge or say pep talk to sports persons out there who are pondering on what to do with their lives after successfully ending their sporting career and there is no better person to say this at this time than the investor and philanthropist.

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