Skye Bank Picks Babatunde Osibodu As General Counsel

Babatunde Osibodu

Skye Bank PLC said its Board of Directors of the Bank has approved the appointment of Mr. Babatunde Osibodu as General Counsel of the Bank with effect from August 5, 2016.

Osibodu will assume the role of the Company Secretary/Legal Adviser of the Bank. The appointment at the level of Deputy General Manager is subject to the approval of the CBN, and same has been sought. Skye Bank described Babatunde Osibodu as a ‘highly regarded corporate and commercial lawyer’ with over 30 years experience of practice in Nigeria and the United Kingdom.

He has proven expertise in advising on all aspects of Corporate Governance issues and vast experience in handling complex large scale multi-party commercial transactions and litigation cases. He has also acted on several company/commercial matters including as Legal Adviser and Company Secretary to various Corporations.

Prior to his appointment, Babatunde was a Partner at the law firm of Osibodu & Balogun, where he was able to offer the firm’s clients a distinctive blend of domestic and international experience in the project finance, debt recovery, property acquisition and general corporate finance areas. Babatunde has also practiced with several leading law firms in the United Kingdom.

At various times, he was a Partner at the law firms of Miles & Partners, Addie & Co, and Regency Solicitors, all located in the City of London. The Board and Management of the Bank is assured that the appointment of Mr. Babatunde Osibodu as the Bank’s General Counsel will be instrumental to achieving its goals.


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