July Inflation Set To Be Released As NBS Helmsman Exits


The National Bureau of Statistics, NBS is gearing up to release the consumer price index, CPI reports for July. Various analysts are already predicting at least another 1% rise in headline inflation.

However, the man behind the viable NBS, Dr. Yemi Kale is bowing out after a very commendable service at the bureau. Under his leadership, the NBS has regained confidence from both local and international stakeholders.

One of the major impact of his tenure is the broadening of national data to cover more aspect of Nigeria’s socio-economic strata. Nigeria has always been criticised for either a lack of data or the credibility of the data.

More often, part of the stereotype and narrative bandied about an emerging economy such as Nigeria is that an important government agency such as the NBS will be controlled by the government in power to hawk savoury data that portray such country in a good light. The NBS has over a few years stood out from this stigma.

Dr. Yemi Kale will be remembered for his zeal and visionary leadership and while we await the July inflation data, we can only hope that he did put in place an institutional framework that would allow the NBS to further break fresh grounds for the good of Nigeria.


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